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Of Men & Mice

The Men & Mice Journey So Far

Men & Mice Timeline


Who we are

We are a team of international experts who have been in the DNS, DHCP and IP address management (DDI) business for a long time.

Drawing inspiration from our geographic location midway between the USA and Europe, we possess a unique perspective on the network management challenges faced by medium to large enterprises scattered across the globe today.

Our mission is to continue to bring to the world a portfolio of enterprise products that make networks more visible, manageable, resilient and ultimately safer.

In our product design, adaptability is key. While successfully meeting today’s network management challenges, we continuously work towards anticipating and addressing tomorrow’s unexpected technological demands.

Founded in 1990, Men & Mice is headquartered in Iceland, with operations in the US and Europe, and partner representation in many countries.


Founded before the launch of the World Wide Web, Men & Mice early products were engineered to evolve with the times. Anticipating an eventual large-scale migration to IT interoperability, fluidity and mobility, we built the ability to adapt into the core of our product architecture from the very beginning.

Inspired by what we’ve learnt along the way, adaptability remains our key philosophy. We know that change will occur, whether we want it or not. How we adapt to change, anticipate it or even manage to change ‘change’, is what adds value to our efforts.


Our vision springs from our willingness to embrace and affect change in the business of critical network connectivity expertise. Our decades of experience in the industry have taught us that the more we learn, and the more we help our customers learn, the better all of us are prepared for the unexpected shifts in technology and business that will come with tomorrow. Therefore our vision is, quite simply, to change the way the world sees networks.



Dedication – Reliability - Simplicity – Joy


To provide superior enterprise products for managing your IP infrastructure, on-premises and into the cloud.