Appliance Flex

Men&Mice offers virtual appliances to commoditize the functionality of traditional components but remove disadvantages like hardware failures and procurement hurdles.

Why are the Men&Mice virtual appliances better:

Limitless scalability

Deploy unlimited appliances, whether your company needs 1, 10, 1,000, or 100,000.

Seamless migration

Equipped with best-in-class software and full integration with the Men&Mice Suite.

Advanced recovery

In case of issues, easily deploy new appliances with live migration of data and configuration.

Secure redundancy

Appliances can be added to xDNS redundancy groups, ensuring uptime of critical DNS services.

Boundless flexibility

Unlock portability to distribute services freely from the core to the edge of the network.

Practical cost

Available as a subscription offer, making the cost of DNS/DHCP appliances stable and predictable.

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