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sustainable networking
Why investing in IT infrastructure today will pay off in the future
Even the most extensive and complex networks can be easily managed with software solutions that exist above corporate ecosystems.
sustainable networking
Simple = efficient = sustainable
Sustainability is built on efficiency, and efficiency demands simplicity.
Sustainable networking
sustainable networking
Why sustainable networking is one emerging trend companies cannot afford to ignore
If only managing a large computer network were as easy as turning on Netflix and chilling on a Friday...
best practices, feature highlight
K.I.S.S. network tedium (goodbye)
Men&Mice works to make managing diverse, heterogeneous networks as efficient and straightforward as possible. Here's a quick peek into...
DNS, reference
DNS training from A to Z, Part 7
Continuing our DNS tips & tricks glossary, we're covering the letters S, T, and U this time.
Playing with DNS
DNS is capable of a lot of weird and delightful things.
encrypted DNS
Encrypted DNS, Episode II: Attack of the DoH Clones
Our encrypted DNS webinar, the follow-up to the previous event, has been outstandingly successful. Here's a small taste and...
DNS privacy, encrypted DNS
The Men&Mice DNS encryption reference
A quick list of resources to help you refresh your knowledge about DoT, DoH, and other DNS privacy-related topics.
DNS privacy, encrypted DNS
The status and future of DNS encryption: free webinar
From time to time, we offer to sync our expertise and experience with yours and walk you through the...
Security advisory: Windows DNS critical vulnerability
As reported, a critical vulnerability designated CVE-2020-1350 has been found in Windows DNS, Microsoft’s DNS server software. The bug,...
9.3, Akamai Fast DNS, feature highlight
The best makes us better: building a new feature
A peek behind the scenes on how we develop new features, through the eyes of a Totally Fictional Developer.
automation, innovation
The best makes us better
Let's take a look at how balancing fast-paced innovation with a slow-changing market niche translates into developing new features.
feature highlight, virtualization
Appliance Flex: the convenience of unlimited appliances, without the inflexibility of hardware procurement
Network appliances can be useful. But in a world that is increasingly dynamic and diverse, their usefulness is limited...
digital transformation
Future-proofing networks: writing the history of the future (of networks)
We've been around long enough to have a historical perspective on the evolution of networks, particularly those in an...
automation, digital transformation, IoT
Future-proofing networks: what comes next
We talked about how important it is (especially these days) to plan a sustainable future. Last week we looked...
automation, best practices, internet-of-things, IoT
Future-proofing networks: untangling IoT
Organizations with a high reliance on IoT devices need solutions that can transform chaotic, time-intensive, and vulnerable network environments...
Recovering from COVID-19: transforming today’s networks for enterprise success tomorrow
If your business wants to survive and thrive after the pandemic is over, connectivity needs to remain a top...
BIND, DNS, DNS training
DNS & BIND Jump Start
With the changes that came with COVID-19, the Men&Mice Training Program is adapting. At the end of May, in...
best practices, DynDNS
Migrating DNS zones from DynDNS (or other DNS services)
Let's see how you can migrate all your DNS data from one service to another in literal minutes.
DNS privacy, DNS-over-HTTPS, DNS-over-TLS, security
DNS encryption in the enterprise
Encryption and privacy don’t equal security. In fact, in the case of DNS in a corporate environment, it can...
DNSSEC, security
DNS security: cache poisoning
DDoS may be the most known and widely feared threat for businesses. But cache poisoning is a lot more...
DDoS, security
The machines that cried wolf: DDoS against DNS
Because DNS is a critical to the network infrastructure, and designed to be open and accessible, a successful DDoS...
Securing DNS: a primer
We thought we’d put together a guide to help you better understand what DNS security is (and isn’t), what...
Working from
As the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps across the world, we thought we’d take a quick look at the famed localhost,...