Men&Mice’s 2019 Year in Review

As we come to close the books on 2019, we thought we’d highlight some of our favorite moments.

Dec 20th, 2019

What a year we’ve had in 2019!

It’s been wonderful. We’re grateful for every visit to our trade show booths and website alike. We appreciate every tweet, like, and comment.

As we come to close the books on 2019, we thought we’d highlight some of our favorite moments.

Men&Mice Suite 9.2

Men&Mice Suite v9.2, released in March, is very much our highlight for the year.

There's so much to be proud of: from better DNS workflow management to easier network audits, to ever-improving synergy with cloud platforms like AWS and Azure. And that’s on top of all the other improvements we’ve made.

Trade shows

May of 2019 saw us welcoming RIPE 78 to our home town of Reykjavik. We’ve hosted a Women in Tech lunch and forum that was well-received, and covered RIPE 78 with a daily series from our friend Carsten Strotmann to stay on top of the discussions and decisions.

In June we traveled to sunny (matters a lot to us Icelanders!) California for Cisco Live. It was a great success, with our booth busy and our North American Director of Sales Operations Paul Terrill giving a presentation to a fully-packed room of engaged people.

August found us VMworld US 2019 in San Francisco, once again uniting with customers present and future alike.

MS Ignite in Florida and Gartner IOCS in London were the two last trade shows of the year. Both our deep synergy with Microsoft and our business vision was received well, closing the trade show circuit of 2019 fittingly.

DNS Training

2019 marked the 20th anniversary of our DNS Training program, jointly conducted with ISC. We’re proud of the overwhelmingly positive feedback from our students, and looking forward to the next 20 years.

I’ve been using the internet since the days of gopher in 1995.  And running networked linux systems since 1997. But this course refreshed my understanding of the fundamentals of the internet more than anything else I’ve done in the last 21 years.


You wouldn’t think it sustainable to hope for bigger things in 2020, but we do.

Men&Mice turns 30 years old next year. We are preparing for growth on many levels. And the industry of IP infrastructure management holds exciting new challenges to tackle.

We’ve had a fantastic year in 2019 and will have an even better one in 2020. We wish your business the same!