Men&Mice Suite 9.3 released!

This new release of the Men&Mice Suite furthers the understanding that while the challenges are complex, solutions don’t need to be complicated.

Jan 16th, 2020

Men&Mice is proud to announce the release of version 9.3 of the Men&Mice Suite. The Men&Mice Suite is an API-driven, software-defined modular overlay solution for the management of DNS, DHCP and IPAM operations in complex on-prem, hybrid, and multicloud network environments.

The release of the Men&Mice Suite version 9.3 brings several advances to manage IP infrastructure operations. New features and enhancements include:

  • full support for Akamai Fast DNS,
  • compatibility for enterprise SQL and LDAP on Linux,
  • strengthening High Availability features,
  • enhanced DHCP support in the Web Application
  • and various UX enhancements
“Network resources today have to be balanced against not only their cost but also their platform. This often creates limitations for business agility in complex enterprise network environments.” (Sigfús Magnússon, Head of Product Management at Men&Mice)

API Support for Akamai Fast DNS

Complex network environments often face challenges with automation and network DevOps best practices. This is especially true in the context of a global enterprise.

Isolated platform controls lock businesses into ecosystems whose value change over time, and limit their potential. The Men&Mice Suite’s overlay design makes complex network architecture flexible and easy to manage.

By offering a unified API (described as “multi-cloud, single-API”) and a transparent GUI, Men&Mice enables network operators to cut down on overhead. Redeploying resources frees up their time for more useful tasks.

To further this commitment, the Men&Mice Suite v9.3 now fully supports managing Akamai Fast DNS through both its intuitive user interface as well as REST, and SOAP API controls.

Strengthening Enterprise Networks

The Men&Mice Suite v9.3 continues to deliver on Men&Mice’s commitment to offer enterprise-ready solutions, including:

  • strengthening High Availability features,
  • adding support for LDAP authentication (including LDAP groups) on Linux and integrate MS AD/LDAP authentication
  • enabling Microsoft SQL Server as the database backend for the Men&Mice Suite running on Linux.

Understanding and meeting the needs of enterprise networks is a key focus for Men&Mice. The enterprise-level features in the IP infrastructure toolset of the Men&Mice Suite is expanding with each release.

Enhancing User Experience

Men&Mice continues to merge the features of its Windows-based console with the new Web Application. Portable, full-range IP infrastructure management creates critical visibility and agility.

DNS and IPAM enjoy better synergy in Version 9.3. For example, users can administer IP addresses with more ease while working on DNS zones. Not having to switch workspaces enhances efficiency and transparency.

Other new features in Men&Mice Suite v9.3 include:

  • an enhanced self-service via web-based management of DHCP scope options
  • login and session management
  • unified automatic updates for both the Web Application and the Suite's server software
  • the ability to import DNS records and device and interface information

Version 9.3 of the Men&Mice Suite also brings enhancements to the user experience through refinements to the UI and control mechanisms.

“Total cost of ownership can skyrocket when a short-term cost-saving measure locks the business into a runaway resource sink long-term. It also prevents best practices such as multicloud networking and automation. The mission of Men&Mice has always been to provide tools for network operators and managers that place control back into their hands. This new release furthers the understanding that while the challenges are complex, solutions don’t need to be complicated. By decoupling management from the technical backend, we afford businesses the freedom to move resources where they make the most business sense.” (Sigfús Magnússon)

About Men&Mice

Men&Mice provides API-driven, software-defined DNS, DHCP, and IPAM software solutions. Global businesses, as well as education and government organizations need to increase network portability to adapt to changing business priorities. Visibility, control, automation, and security of complex, hybrid IP infrastructure is critical. Operators of heterogeneous network environments at some of the largest global businesses of today rely on Men&Mice daily.

To learn more about the Men&Mice Suite, read the release notes or visit our website. A free trial of Version 9.3 and personalized demo with our team is available.