Actual DNS, DHCP, and IPAM Training

Certification-Level Training for General DDI Solutions

Nov 4th, 2021

Certification-Level Training for General DDI Solutions

I wanted to let everyone know we have a DNS & BIND Leap Ahead training coming up November 8-10. Okay, I wanted to say that first so that if you’re interested you can just cut to the chase and click the link to register.

Why Register for Training with Men&Mice

What’s interesting about this training being offered by a network vendor? Well, because it goes against all things tech vendors would usually offer. Many of our training offerings, including the one above are actually run by experts we partner with that don’t even work for Men&Mice. Sometimes we partner with ISC or individuals that are just experts in the field. It’s actual training that will help you learn how to use DNS, DHCP, and IP Address Management rather than just another product training. Don’t get me wrong, we like to show our products too, but these trainings are just meant to help our customers gain their own expertise.

For this particular upcoming training, the expert will be Jan-Piet Mens. Jan is a systems architect and consultant who’s had many publications in the DNS arena. You can read more about Jan-Piet Mens here:

My Own Experience with Men&Mice Training

I’m pretty new to the company, so I had the opportunity to do the DNS & BIND Jump Start recently. The marketer in me was shocked and appalled at the lack of Men&Mice plugs, but the network engineer in me was geeking out on getting to play in a Linux OS and learn BIND right from ISC. As a former trainer myself, I thought the DNS & BIND training was just incredibly well done. You can imagine how difficult it is to keep people engaged when you’re showing them command line for three straight days, but it really was. There were a ton of exercises that we got to do in our own labs (and we didn’t even have to share)!

What You’ll Learn and Prerequisites

In the upcoming DNS and BIND Leap Ahead you’ll learn:

· New terminology used in DNS & BIND

· Building the authoritative DNS server

· A quick look at DNSSEC

· DNSSEC signing and validation

· Minimal ANY

· Empty zones

· Building a DNSSEC validating DNS Resolver


· 'Dig'ing deeper

· DNS resolver best practices

· Getting information (statistics, query logging, dnstap, CHAOS)

· DNS cookies

· Cryptography in DNS

· DNSSEC 'inline'-signing

· Transaction Signatures (TSIG)

· Dynamic updates (Plus NOTIFY & IXFR)

· Response rate limiting in BIND

· Adding and removing zones with RNDC

· Firewalls and DNS

· Response Policy Zones (RPZ)

· Automatic DNS provisioning with Catalog-Zones

· BIND 9 views

There are some prerequisites for this training, but don’t worry, we have other training if you’re not quite caught up yet. Participants for this course need to know how to operate the Unix command line (shell) and have Unix/Linus administration knowledge. Also, a basic knowledge of IPv4 and IPv6 would be good.

Go Ahead and Sign Up

I highly recommend this training if you’re trying to deepen your knowledge of BIND DNS. For me, it was great to understand the parallels between Microsoft DNS and BIND, but this would be great for anyone in the DDI space.

Here’s the link again, and if you can’t make it this time, I’m sure we’ll have another offering soon!