Men&Mice Suite 9.3 feature highlight: Akamai Fast DNS integration

Akamai Fast DNS is a modern, cloud-based DNS service for enterprise network operators - fully integrated with the Men&Mice Suite.

Feb 18th, 2020

Akamai Fast DNS is "an authoritative DNS service [that] provides a secure, high-performance, scalable, and highly available edge service for authoritative DNS.” It’s a modern, cloud-based resource for enterprise network operators to build in redundancy and achieve cost-effectiveness for their DNS.

And starting with version 9.3, it’s natively integrated into the Men&Mice Suite.

Akamai Fast DNS + Men&Mice Suite = profit!

Akamai offers global coverage, integrated DNSSEC, and a 100% SLA for their cloud-based DNS service. However, introducing a new control mechanism to your network management can complicate workflows or even bottleneck operations.

In version 9.3 released in early 2020, Akamai Fast DNS has been added to the list of natively supported platforms in the Men&Mice Suite. Whether you’re using Akamai as your primary or secondary DNS service, or just want to add redundancy to your mission-critical network infrastructure services, you can easily do so through the Men&Mice Suite.


Fast DNS is a good option for running primary DNS in the cloud, but can also serve as a redundant backup or secondary layer augmenting DNS for your network.

Redundancy is an important value of utilizing diverse DNS services. But when platforms, while operationally the same, are incompatible with each other that redundancy (and its value) disappears. Through an overlay design, the Men&Mice Suite de-couples management from the underlying technology, and allows for seamless migration of DNS data between platforms.


Effective DNS management requires modern thinking in more than just the context of architecture and control mechanisms. Akamai Fast DNS offers API controls to keep in sync with the needs of network operators.

However, automation in highly heterogeneous networks can be overwhelmingly complex. Men&Mice operates with a “multi-cloud, single-API” philosophy, and presents a single automation layer to control all platforms equally and efficiently.

Try the Men&Mice Suite for free

The Men&Mice Suite, now fully integrated with Akamai Fast DNS, is a true multicloud DNS, DHCP, and IP address management solution.

Give it a spin for free, and deploy it locally or in a cloud environment. It is also available directly from the Azure Marketplace, ready in minutes.

To learn more about Akamai Fast DNS, click here.