Svetlana Graudt

Why investing in IT infrastructure today will pay off in the future

Even the most extensive and complex networks can be easily managed with software solutions that exist above corporate ecosystems.

Oct 19th, 2020

Helping companies tackle these business challenges is part of the plan we’re implementing to support our customers in the United States and Europe. As the way we work changes, it makes for a solid business case to invest in sustainable network solutions that increase capacity and connectivity, improve security, and bridge the incompatibilities of disparate corporate networks.

Future-proof the changing networks

A far cry from its early days, IT has become diverse and heterogeneous. Whether on-premise, in corporate datacenters, or in the cloud, networks run on different architectures and platforms, often spanning countries and continents, not to mention different management procedures.

If you think of your business as the human body, your network is the nervous system. Your global teams and offices, akin to limbs and organs, rely on it to exchange and process information. The IP infrastructure (that is: the DNS, DHCP, and IP address management components, what is often called DDI for short) is the nerve center in charge of making sure the right information gets to the right place.

Your business could withstand certain parts of the network going down. But a break in the IP infrastructure – the nerve center – will result in an impact that can quickly ripple into significant loss of time, resources, and revenue.

Automate, automate, automate

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, the saying goes. The same is true for networks.

Research firm Gartner estimates that 70 percent of network configuration activities are carried out manually with 2 percent of manual changes resulting in an error or anomaly[1]. As networks are becoming more complex, and changes longer to deploy, they are increasingly vulnerable to human error. The human element is a complex and often-overlooked cost for network management. Not only do network changes consume more resources to deploy, recovery from human error can easily explode. When a simple typo can cost your company a quarter of a billion dollars,investing in automation that would prevent those losses is worth it.

Spend to save

Network management requires a flexible and scalable solution. Investing in IT infrastructure will increase capacity across networks as demand grows for diversification to lower costs, redundancy to shoulder reliability, and transparency to enhance security.

The good news is, even the most extensive and complex networks can be easily managed with software solutions that exist above corporate ecosystems.  Men&Mice focuses on foundational network infrastructure components that enable companies to move their infrastructure data freely, regardless of the hardware or software platform. Get in touch to find out how we can help your organization build a sustainable network that will save you money, time and resources.

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