It’s all connected: leveraging IPAM data with DNS (and vice versa)

Micetro leverages the synergy between DNS and IPAM to deliver better processes for both.

Mar 19th, 2021

In a recent post, we’ve already stated that good DDI isn’t just DNS, DHCP, and IP address management: it’s enabling synergy between its parts to make them work better.

An excellent example of this idea is what we call ‘IP Address Insights’ in Micetro.

Make DNS better with IPAM

Micetro by Men&Mice is a software-defined (read: not hardware-bound) orchestration overlay that reads data from the network components — DNS and DHCP servers — and unifies them under a single intuitive interface.

For example, let’s say you’re adding a new DNS record to your zone. Instead of switching between the DNS and IPAM software (such as your DNS zone file and a spreadsheet), you are offered easy access to both from the same place.

This saves a lot of time not just by removing the alt-tabbing (although those indeed add up to a significant amount as well) but ensuring that you’re always seeing not only the object but also the context.

Make IPAM better with DNS

The same functionality helps you when you’re managing your IP addresses in Micetro.

Micetro makes accessing DNS data from IPAM easy
Micetro makes accessing DNS data from IPAM easy

Adding a related DNS record with the relevant fields already populated with the valid data is as easy as a single action.

IP addresses are for computers, not humans. It’s exceedingly easy to make a typo or misread a line in a spreadsheet and cause yourself additional headache figuring out why it ends up not working. (Troubleshooting also takes time.)

Ready to do DDI better?

You can grab a 30-day, fully-functional trial of Micetro any time and deploy it in your network. As a software overlay, it doesn’t need plugging in appliances or restructuring your environment.

Alternatively, our experts can walk you through a personalized demo of Micetro and answer any questions you may have.