How to scale your business with the Men&Mice Partner Program

Help your customers streamline their networks.

Jul 19th, 2019

Our contingent has been busy at Microsoft Inspire in Las Vegas this week - and unlike most other things, what happens at Inspire in Vegas most absolutely does not stay in Vegas.

Why not? Because Men&Mice's IP infrastructure management product not only integrates well with Azure (case in point: you can download it from the Azure Marketplace, with no frills), but also the Men&Mice Partner Program.

Men&Mice @ Microsoft Inspire

Helga Dögg Björgvinsdóttir and Jessica Poteet, Men&Mice channel partner managers, have just spent the week at Microsoft Inspire in Las Vegas to explore new opportunities for Men&Mice’s expanding channel program.

Helga joins Men&Mice from Microsoft and is leading our co-sell program, while Jessica, who hails from corporate business development with Chevron in Singapore, is focusing on channel partner management.

Together with VP of Partnerships Pétur Pétursson, Helga and Jessica are driving Men&Mice’s growing channel sales program in the US and Europe.

Putting 'partner' into 'Partner Program'

We understand partnerships should be a mutually beneficial investment. It's a relationship that transforms individual strengths into greater market differentiation, and ultimately business gain, for everyone.

In the same way our flagship product, the Men&Mice Suite, complements existing infrastructure and helps our customers capture new opportunities for building and managing a more efficient, productive, and secure network, the Men&Mice Partner Program aims to complement service offerings and open new market segments for our partners.

Offer native integration on all levels

We've visited Microsoft Inspire not only to be inspired (sorry, we just couldn’t resist that one!) by our peers, but also to expand our Partner Program. While we pride ourselves on integrating with many, if not all of the major DNS, and DHCP platforms and services there are, there are few ecosystems with which Men&Mice products form such a deep and extensive symbiosis as Microsoft's.

Microsoft’s software and services are present in just about every organization’s infrastructure, making the business of keeping critical infrastructure up and running consistent, reliable, and familiar for a lot of network managers. Familiarity of technology has its benefits, particularly when it’s possible to extend your network into the cloud within the same Microsoft ecosystem, as is the case with Azure cloud services.

Take your customers' investments in Microsoft one step further

Our Partner Program is enhanced by our experience in providing API-driven DNS, DHCP, and IPAM software solutions to global enterprise, education, and government organizations. We’ve worked with an industry-horizontal array of customers for decades and have gained deep insights into networking best practices as a result. Especially with Microsoft.

The first third-party solution to integrate with Azure DNS, Men&Mice takes its long-term technological focus a step further by simplifying availability of the Men&Mice Suite for Microsoft Azure customers. From Version 9.2, the Men&Mice Suite is available through the Azure Marketplace. Deployment can be done in a matter of minutes instead of hours, with one-click install and easy-to-follow instructions.

As a Co-Sell partner and a recent winner of the Microsoft Partner Award for Infrastructure Innovation, we’ve further expanded our reach with Microsoft beyond technical capabilities, which enables us to  continue making IP infrastructure management easier, better and more productive for customers who want to utilize Azure, or Azure in a hybrid infrastructure environment, on-premise and in one, or multiple clouds. .

Help your customers streamline their networks

Here are a few scenarios where the combination of the Men&Mice Suite and Azure really proved to be beneficial:

  • Mergers and acquisitions. Utilizing the Men&Mice Suite with Azure allows the dynamic scaling or migration from on-prem Microsoft DNS or BIND to Azure DNS. Likewise, unifying a multitude of on-prem and cloud network services and environments through the Men&Mice Suite, eases network transitions and provides near-immediate visibility across platforms.
  • Physical expansions. The Men&Mice Suite can be used to clone already working environments, while taking advantage of Azure’s global availability to reduce local latency and support turnaround.
  • Project fragmentation. Network overlaps and conflicts can be quickly resolved through Men&Mice Suite on top of Azure, providing transparency for all IP addresses, VNETS, and subnets.
  • Network diversification. Network supply chain diversity is critical to add redundancy and prevent against DDoS and other malicious attacks. Using the Men&Mice Suite’s xDNS Redundancy™ feature makes this easier, while the infrastructure is backed by Microsoft’s robust SLAs.

On top of these and other scenarios, the Men&Mice Suite version 9.2 introduced, among many things, tools like the Reporting and Workflow modules to address pain points within enterprise network management.

How to enroll in the Men&Mice Partner program

The Men&Mice Partner Program is executed on two levels:

Authorized Partner:

  • receives extended support during the Sales process
  • not required to undergo intensive training as Men&Mice provides expert knowledge and resources where appropriate
  • Men&Mice will liaise with their portfolio of new and existing customers to promote the product

Certified Partner:

  • autonomous agents who take greater responsibility during the processes of Sales, Delivery and Support.
  • committed to a joint business plan that defines engagement of resources on both sides, including the setting of sales targets.
  • Certified Partners’ Sales Teams receive applicable training.
  • Training can be extended to technical staff, as and when required.

Men&Mice also has a special program for Managed Service Providers, who can receive our products with no up-front costs and a pay-as-you-go subscription license. All managed client networks fall under a single subscription license, which offers considerable cost-efficiency.

All our partners receive strong implementation support from the Men&Mice team, ensuring a successful roll-out every step of the way.

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