Men&Mice at Cisco Live 2019: Wired for Change

Gain the advantage of being able to control internal DNS resolvers, numbering anywhere between dozens to hundreds, in one fell swoop.

Jun 12th, 2019

We live in a software-defined world. Whether we talk about multicloud or DNS privacy, bits and bytes are sorted, sent, and protected using software.

Today’s enterprise and large scale organizations are looking for software overlay solutions that can maximize the value of their infrastructure investments while positioning for future innovation. Many of them also rely on Cisco.

New best practices

In one of the best attended  sessions of the ThinkTank track, Men&Mice North American Director of Sales Paul Terrill explored new best practices at Cisco Live in San Diego.

Paul's talk focused on how to adapt hybrid network strategies to take advantage of service-native features in all IP infrastructure solutions, whether on-premise, cloud or multicloud. The common pain points in adapting hybrid and multicloud network strategies resonated well with the audience: the potential loss of access control assignments, lost time and staff resources during migration processes, and compatibility hurdles between multiple services are all challenges today's network professionals encounter often.

This being Cisco Live, Paul explored the advantage of Cisco IOS DHCP against other solutions, as well as where most hybrid and multicloud migration strategies go off the rails. He finished with discussing the API-shyness of IT decision makers (and why they should embrace them instead) and why homegrown solutions are no longer acceptable.

Everything has changed

Yet nothing’s different. At the end of the day, software-defined or not, data is still sent and received by computers and still goes through wires, switches, and routers. On-premise solutions still matter.

But compared to today, networking used to be simple. With the Internet of Things and Edge, networks fuel and permeate everything in our world (and soon, out of this world).

To accommodate such explosive growth, innovations like cloud computing have grown in prominence at an exponential adoption rate. And with cloud technology maturing to meet the strict regulations of enterprise-level businesses, the way we think about networking has shifted.

In our journey to simplify and secure increasingly complex networks, we also have to be aware of the need for compatibility between on-premise and cloud services, and how that impacts our future network architecture choices.

Future-ready IP infrastructure solutions

Men&Mice continues to be a leader in DNS, DHCP, and IP address management, as we've been for nearly three decades. We’ve worked with an industry-horizontal array of customers and gained deep insights into networking best practices as a result. We also recognize the widespread presence and critical importance of Cisco hardware in enterprise networks.

With products like Umbrella, Cisco is continuing to bring network infrastructure innovation to larger audiences. By utilizing the Men&Mice Suite with Umbrella, Cisco customers gain the advantage of being able to control internal DNS resolvers, numbering anywhere between dozens to hundreds, in one fell swoop. In addition, proper visibility quickly highlights servers not properly configured.

To learn more about the Men&Mice Suite, contact us or download your free trial.