Men&Mice @ Cisco Live EMEA 2020: True Multicloud Network Management for the Enterprise

At Cisco Live in Barcelona see what makes multicloud true multicloud: freedom of movement and proper visibility across the entire network infrastructure.

Jan 21st, 2020

Men&Mice will represent in Barcelona, 27-31 January, for Cisco Live EMEA 2020. Come by our booth for IPv6 lens cleaners, world-famous Icelandic chocolate, and a chat about multicloud network management best practices!

We need to talk about multicloud. If past trade shows are any indication, the halls at Cisco Live EMEA will echo from the mention.

Multicloud =/= multiple clouds

Multicloud can seem not so much as an added value but more of a  complication for an already challenging situation that is cloud adoption. Enterprises are understandably reluctant to take on additional headaches.

This bad rep is due to cloud platforms becoming siloed ecosystems. Often they offer little better than just another locked-down platform, that happens to be physically off-premise. Migrating to the cloud is can look like trading one lock-in to another, with the value obscured by operational challenges.

When it comes to multicloud, the perception can be all those challenges scaled up, and further complicated by more moving parts, and with even less visibility and control.

Men@Mice @ Cisco Live: True Multicloud

Men&Mice believes that visibility is mission-critical and control belongs to the business and not the IT vendor. Be it on-prem or cloud, IT should support business objectives, not drive them.

This is especially true in the case of networks, which are increasingly the most (and with cloud, often only) visible part of the infrastructure.

Cloud adoption is hard enough, and multicloud has to offer more than just the sum of its parts for it to be worth the trouble.

True multicloud:

  • leverages resources from multiple vendors,
  • utilizes them to their full value for the business
  • equalizes platforms by removing compatibility hurdles
  • removes single points of failure and creates redundancy

True multicloud network management can have different manifestations. Old Cisco router and DHCP goes down? Manage your failovers and easily migrate the scopes onto another. DNS in Amazon Route 53 under DDoS? Seamlessly move them to Akamai Fast DNS until you mitigate the attack.

What makes multicloud true multicloud is this freedom of movement, guaranteed, and proper visibility across the entire network infrastructure, regardless of platform or location.

True multicloud can only be unlocked by de-coupling the management from the underlying ecosystem. Giving IP resources such as DNS zones, DHCP scopes, or IP address ranges freedom of movement. Embracing automation and Network DevOps best practices that modernize network management, while keeping control in-house and disruption out.

Men&Mice accomplishes this with an intuitive UI built on top of a “multi-cloud, single-API”-driven design. It provides critical visibility, service-native integration, and platform-independent automation.

Come say hi!

If you’re at Cisco Live in Barcelona, come to Booth 29A to learn more about gaining more value from multicloud for your business than the sticker price.