Monitoring, Alerting and Access Restriction - the IP Address module

The overview of the IPAM Module of the Men&Mice Suite continues!

Dec 20th, 2011

The overview of the IPAM Module of the Men&Mice Suite continues!

The Men&Mice IP Address Module pt. 3:

Monitoring, Alerting and Access Restriction

Monitoring and alerting can be configured as such:

  • Subnet Monitoring: The minimal number of free IP addresses can be defined as threshold. This can be done either on subnet level or globally for all subnets.
  • Alerting: When a threshold is exceeded, different actions can be triggered:
  • Alerting by SNMP
  • Alerting by email.
  • In combination with the DHCP module you can also define monitoring/alerting for dynamic address ranges (scopes).
  • Execution of a script (A subnet monitoring script can be configured to be called either when the threshold is exceeded and when the issue has been fixed, e.g. by freeing up used addresses or resizing of the subnet.)

Access Restriction

Users and groups can be defined in the Men&Mice Suite. The authentication can be done with the built-in methods: M&M internal, Radius or Active Directory.

  • Granular Access Control: For the defined groups and users the access can be granular restricted on IP address range level. E.g. allow a group only to view certain subnets for informational purpose, whereas another group might have editor rights, to assign hosts to IP addresses and change or define the meta data.
  • Locking of Subnets: With the necessary permission subnets can be locked, which automatically blocks the access to the IP addresses that are inside of the locked subnet.
  • Claiming of IP Addresses: IP addresses can be claimed/waived. This allows users to signal other users that an IP Address should not be allocated. A user who tries to allocate a claimed IP Address will be prompted.