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Guillaume Demerliac

Men&Mice Partners - wizQIT

At Men&Mice, we have the pleasure of working with some amazing partners. We would like you to meet them and read about what they have to say.

Jul 7th, 2021


How would you describe your partnership with Men&Mice?

(Freek) We were amazed how accessible Men&Mice is. In our first meeting we immediately spoke to the right people. The people at Men&Mice are friendly, helpful and have great expertise.

Men&Mice is a great product that deserves more attention on the Belgian security market. And we are going to make that happen.

Can you tell me a little bit about your company?

(Freek) wizQIT was founded in 2015 by Freek Michiels and Rik Habex.  In 2020 Steven Van Loo joined us as Technical Director.  As a security integrator we aim to support the SMB market with excellent service and great products.

We are very selective in the products we offer, we only choose state-of-the-art solutions for each domain. That’s why we added Men&Mice into our portfolio.

Why did you decide to go with us, and have you had any success stories?

(Steven) As a security integrator, DDI is not the first product you think about. However, having an overview of which devices are in your network based on DHCP and DNS information is important. Searching through the individual DNS and DHCP servers to find the relevant information is cumbersome. A central solution that gives visibility is therefore preferred.

A second important reason for using a DDI solution is automation. As soon as you start working with container platforms or automated deployments of applications, the correctness of DNS is critical. Using a DDI solution provides the needed API to be able to steer the automation.

Men&Mice is a product that provides both a clean and easy navigation interface providing that birds-eye view. Combined with search functions that allow you to edit an object from the search results is key to ease management. But more importantly, not only can Men&Mice manage and improve different DNS and DHCP solutions for classical deployments (Windows & Linux DNS + DHCP), it also brings together the cloud infrastructure IPAM from AWS and Azure to ease overall management and automation. It plugs into your infrastructure and provides flexible management with no need to migrate all your existing DNS and DHCP services to a proprietary environment.

What are your views about Men&Mice’s vision for sustainable networking?

Steven: The openness of the Micetro solution is key in building sustainable networking. It allows to keep on working with the toolset available while increasing the productivity and functionalities. Centralized DDI management across multiple clouds, combined with traditional on-prem solutions without requiring proprietary devices provides customers with an open approach towards the solution: They don’t have to rethink or redesign the existing infrastructure and can focus on the benefits of a centralized DDI solution. And once in place, it offers the single pathway to interface with automation.

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