Executing on future-ready cloud networks in the wake of CLUS 2019

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Cisco Live 2019 may be behind us, but the people we’ve met and the things we’ve learned are anything but.

The best thing about attending events like Cisco Live is the intensity of it all. There’s literally a buzz in everything: from establishing new relationships to trying out new technologies to making unexpected discoveries while exploring this massive event.

The ThinkTank session with Men&Mice’s Paul Terrill turned out to be well worth the time of the almost full house in attendance – we trust they got home ‘buzzed’ from learning about new best practices in hybrid and multicloud network environments.

For those who couldn’t attend (and those who did, but would  like a reminder or to share the talk with colleagues) here’s Paul’s talk in full.

As discussed in detail by Paul, there are common pain points in adapting hybrid and multicloud network strategies, such as

  • the potential loss of access control assignments,
  • lost time and staff resources during migration processes,
  • and compatibility hurdles between multiple services.

These are challenges today’s network professionals encounter often. Professional environments require professional IT. Homegrown solutions are simply no longer acceptable.

To counter these challenges and sidestep the minefield of ad-hoc IT, yet retain control of their infrastructure, experts are increasingly turning to overlay solutions. (Such as the Men&Mice Suite.)

Software overlay solutions can maximize the value of infrastructure investments while positioning for future innovation. Hybrid network strategies can and should take advantage of service-native features in all IP infrastructure solutions, whether on-premise, cloud or multicloud.

If you have any questions about Paul’s presentation, or would like to know more about how Men&Mice can solve your networking challenges, just reach out to us: we’re always ready and happy to talk about all things networking.

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