Save the IT Leader, Save the World

Networks form the bedrock of any modern business, and sustainable networks lead to sustainable businesses. At Men&Mice we know that establishing sustainable best practices translate into bottomline gains.

May 14th, 2021

A recurring topic of conversation at Men&Mice is about what “sustainable networking” means to us. (We frequently hold impromptu brainstorming sessions, of course with socially distanced air high fives and drinks. Safety first!) While common themes emerge, we always find the wide array of different angles and interpretations impressive. And our small (but growing) sample size is definitely indicative of the levels of diversity in the market!

Sustainability has been such a buzz-worthy concept that it’d be easy to dismiss it but its traction in the information technology industry proves its importance. Even after 30 years of doing enterprise network management we were surprised to see just how much Micetro, our flagship product, has been an inherently sustainable solution all along. (You can see everyone’s answer to the question “What does sustainable networking mean to you?” in our weekly coffee chat series.)

Sustainable Networking Now

Although incorporating many ideas, we could all agree sustainability is about savings: saving assets, saving manpower, and saving time. We here at Men&Mice want to help our customers be superheroes for their teams and to help them save the world… or at the very least, save both resources and costs for their company.

How do we achieve that? By helping today’s business leaders set themselves apart by not only supporting sustainability with words but establishing sustainable best practices that translate into bottomline gains. By seeing how networks form the bedrock of any modern business, sustainable networks lead to sustainable businesses. We promise you can do both: save money and be sustainable.

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As we discussed recently, a way to adopt sustainable networking practices is to reduce individual overhead, thereby increasing the value of your effort and resources. In other words, the more time, effort, and brainpower you can save your team, the more efficiency is created. And the more efficiency you can create, the more money you save.

Save the IT Leader, Save the World

IT heroes know that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, so while tiny improvements in features individually can seem insignificant, they pay great dividends in efficiency. (See our release notes for maximum efficiency.)

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While fixing the case sensitivities on your resource record sets may seem trivial, over time these minor fixes amount to hours (days, weeks... you get it) saved for your business. Sustainable networks mean focusing on what matters to you: managing your hybrid or multicloud network efficiently and error-free, instead of devoting your time to tackling the minutiae that should be automatic. Our product managers and developers work diligently to integrate what you need into our solution every day. That’s the Micetro magic.

On a more serious note, we understand that network management isn’t the stuff you see in superhero movies. Maybe not the world, but being able to save time, effort, hardware can mean the world for managers plagued with management headaches. And those savings? They add up to some pretty big cost savings down the line. So if you run Micetro by Men&Mice, get your hero cape out anyway. With these savings, you deserve it.

By the way? After we brainstormed our individual definitions of “sustainable networking,” we worked together to make one official company concept on technology sustainability in the DDI space. Our philosophy is that sustainable networking is to use all your existing network infrastructure resources, both effectively and securely, and to perform risk-free and simple migrations when it's time to replace the resources.

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