Why sustainable networking is one emerging trend companies cannot afford to ignore

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Sustainable networking

If only managing a large computer network were as easy as turning on Netflix and chilling on a Friday night. It would allow you to enjoy being at home, save you the hassle of going out, looking for a bar or a taxi, and battling a bad hangover the next day.  

For any network manager interested in effortless transfer of data, seamless migration between platforms and uninterrupted service as she onboards a recent company acquisition, the answer is sustainable networking. 

How it works

What does it mean when the concept of sustainability is applied to a computer network? One definition could be creating an infrastructure that is flexible enough to tackle unknown future changes.  

Cloud computing is rapidly transforming the way companies operate, and the essential appeal of an overlay solution is that businesses can use this tool without ripping out their own hardware or old processes.   

“If you want to add flexibility to the mix, if you want to have a way to easily migrate, you need to separate the management from where the server actually runs. The management offer that we are providing – the Men&Mice solution – makes it easy to migrate the service through a single interface.” 

Magnús Björnsson, CEO of Men&Mice

This is how sustainable networking looks to us. It allows you to:

  • Easily migrate between platforms
  • Get the new network up and running in minutes 
  • Have a full view of your network on a single screen   
  • Use what you have, add what you need
  • Increase network efficiency with a network flexible enough to accommodate a rapid pace of change 
  • Freedom to work with any number of vendors.

Who benefits?

Now that we’ve established the value sustainable networking brings, what are the enterprises that’ll benefit from adopting this practice?

In our view, it’ll be a company that:

  • Operates more than a single environment
  • Regularly makes new acquisitions which requires its IT team to regularly onboard the other companies
  • Wants to modernise its environment 
  • Doesn’t want to be locked with a single vendor
  • Foresees growth and wants to stay flexible. 

We believe sustainable networking is not an empty buzz. It can save a company not just money (because you get to keep the systems you already have) but valuable resources spent on migrating data between systems, maintaining uninterrupted service and preparing its network for the future. Whatever this future may be. 

This is the first of a series of articles on the topic of sustainable networking. In our next post, we’ll showcase how sustainability is built on simplicity.

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