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feature highlight
Men&Mice Suite 9.3 feature highlight: Akamai Fast DNS integration
Akamai Fast DNS is a modern, cloud-based DNS service for enterprise network operators - fully integrated with the Men&Mice...
best practices, feature highlight
New Men&Mice Suite Reporting Module: Cut through data congestion with a reporting superhighway
Reports management is critical in any enterprise-level organization. Knowing who did what, when, and why — even, and especially,...
best practices, feature highlight
Streamlining DNS changes with Men&Mice Suite: introducing the new Workflow Module
A common organizational bottleneck and security conflict exists between the users’ need for autonomy and the network administrators’ responsibility...
feature highlight, security, xDNS
Men&Mice Suite IPAM and DNS with xDNS Redundancy™: security without complexity
As we increased focus on cloud optimization, DNS redundancy, and compatibility across hybrid and multi-cloud networks in our latest...
DDoS, feature highlight, security, xDNS
Secure Your DNS Across Multiple DNS Service Platforms with Men&Mice xDNS Redundancy
DNS (Domain Name System) is the most critical aspect of any network’s availability. When DNS services are halted, or...
DDoS, feature highlight, multicloud, security
Men&Mice Breaks New DDI Ground with xDNS Redundancy and Multi-Cloud IPAM
The joke goes: “How did God create the universe in seven days? No legacy infrastructure.”
feature highlight, security, xDNS
Keep IT outages off your network with redundant DNS
British Airways is still reeling after a weekend IT system outage that affected more than 1,000 flights and stranded...
automation, feature highlight, hybrid cloud, multicloud
Hybrid Cloud DNS with the Men&Mice Suite
Since its humble origins as QuickDNS for the Apple Macintosh, the Men&Mice Suite has evolved into a comprehensive management...
API, automation, best practices, feature highlight
An Introduction to the Men&Mice Web Service: SOAP API
The Men&Mice Suite provides a large number of powerful features to manage DNS, DHCP and IP infrastructures of all...
best practices, feature highlight
Daily work tools
The fourth and final installment on the IPAM Module in the Men&Mice Suite!