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Guillaume Demerliac

The MousePad Employee Recap of 2021

To celebrate the end of the year and to kickstart the new year, we thought we would do a little year in recap of the Monday Coffee and revisit some of the inspiring and fun answers we got through meeting our employees.

Dec 30th, 2021

The year is coming to an end – and what a year it has been for Men&Mice!
From the birth of our Amper with our new branding, our new releases of Micetro 10.0 & 10.1, to the awards we have won as a result. We are super proud of how Men&Mice is developing and paving the way forward in the world of DDI through our sustainable networking approach.  

As you may already know, at Men&Mice we have not only forged a philosophy but also a set of values that are engrained within us. When we redesigned the brand, we looked to every one of us here at the company to determine what the values are that make us who we are, what the values are that have made this team of amazing people – the Men&Mice family.
It came down to 3 simple words: Simplicity, Reliability and Playfulness – the essence of who we are.

At our core, Men&Mice is driven by the employees that have made it what it is today, one incredible team of people all as talented as they are fun and inspiring.
2021 came with a sharp growth in the number of employees as we expanded the American team and brought new faces to the headquarters here in the Nordics. As we grow, we aim not to give people jobs, but isntead give people careers, as we hold on to our values: Simplicity, Reliability and Playfulness.

To celebrate the end of the year and to kickstart the new year, we thought we would do a little year in recap of the Monday Coffee and revisit some of the inspiring and fun answers we got through meeting our employees.

Unnur Lára Halldórsdóttir, Frontend Developer
“It's the perfect environment to be because everyone's equal and your opinion is listened to. More and more women are joining the profession, and I'd love to see more female developers work with us at Men&Mice. “  

Sigfus Magnusson, CTO
“We’ve always been honest: with us, you can keep using the systems you already have. We simply put the Men&Mice orchestration layer on top of things and you can do what you want through us. Use what you currently have – it’s more efficient for the network.”  

Sigyn Jonsdottir, VP Customer Care
“Our customers. Every day, I’m inspired by their knowledge and opinions, and the great things we can achieve by collaborating.
The level of collaboration is such that we take on board their suggestions and implement them in our flagship product, Micetro by Men&Mice.”

Agnar Ulfsson, Sales Manager
“I have a global mindset as I follow events from around the world closely and I like studying foreign languages and cultures. I also try to travel abroad as often as I can. So, working in an international environment has always been my goal. I feel very fortunate to be able to do that by helping our 30-year-old Nordic company build up its international presence, strengthen relationships and create more business in new and current markets.”

Elvar Sigurdsson, Digital Marketing Manager
“I have the freedom and authority to work independently with great support from the team and management when needed. At Men&Mice, productivity is valued over attendance which is something I really value. I also love working with everyone at Men&Mice, and at a workplace which is not only productive but also enjoyable.”

Valgeir (Valli) Haukdal Agustsson, Product Manager
“Naturally, the work we do at Men&Mice, with some of the world’s largest and most diverse network environments, to derive the abstraction of those into Micetro is ideal for me.”

Kristín Hreinsdottir, Product Manager
“I'm lucky to live in Iceland with mountains all around and only a short drive to the next one when the urge comes. It's so rewarding to reach the top of a mountain, see the world from above and enjoy beautiful views. “

Eythor Thorsteinsson, Frontend Developer
“[…] knowing that we're creating software that makes the lives of our customers a lot easier is a great feeling.”

Doddi Agustsson, Technical Engineer
“I really enjoy assisting customers in building a better sustainable DDI environment with our solution. I live by the motto: Do better today than yesterday.”

David Hreidarsson, Chief Financial Officer
“The feeling you get when you know that you're an integral part of a team that is aiming to achieve something great. This is the reason why I joined Men&Mice.”

Sigurjon Thorvaldsson, VP of Engineering
“I do what I do because I love developing software, but it is also really inspiring that we are building a superb, sustainable product that delivers substantial value to our customers.”

Vala Einarsdottir, Sales Manager
“I love learning new things, I'm a problem solver at heart and I thrive in challenging environments. Helping companies manage their networks better and more sustainably is — for lack of a better word — epic.”

Jessica Poteet, Operations Manager
“I love finding that perfect balance between keeping the best parts of a system driving smoothly while working to even out the speed bumps that every growing organization hits. They say you can’t make everyone happy, but wow, I certainly try (much to the chagrin of my therapist).”

Guillaume Demerliac, Creative Marketing Coordinator
“Creativity is a given. I live and breathe it. Sometimes I eat it for breakfast. But other than that, the most inspiring aspect of my work at Men&Mice is the people I work with.”

Rut Bjarnadottir, Frontend Developer
“The way I see it is like a play at the theatre - when a curtain opens at the end of a show and the applause starts. That is how it is inside my brain when a tricky problem is solved.”

Magnús Gunnarsson, Backend Developer
“There is a great sense of achievement when we can come up with solutions that make someone’s day job easier.”

Dave McAdoo, Regional Sales Director
“Bright, Innovative, and Fun are definitely the first words that come to mind when trying to describe Men&Mice.”

Birna Björk, Customer Success Manager
“I am so intrigued by human interaction and particularly within a global setting. Language, culture, and different platforms that allow us to communicate are all challenges I enjoy tackling every day.”

Daníel Ingólfsson, Frontend Developer
“I don’t think I would thrive well in an environment that doesn’t challenge me, as a software developer at Men&Mice, I’m being challenged every single day.”

So, on behalf of Men&Mice, we wish to thank all the employees that make our growth journey so enjoyable. Bring on 2022!