Unparalleled support for DNS Servers and tightened Security

Men&Mice announces the release of version 6.7 of the Men&Mice Suite.

Oct 8th, 2014

Men&Mice announces the release of version 6.7 of the Men&Mice Suite.

The Men&Mice Suite is the ideal tool for network managers who need superfast daily management, planning, reporting and auditing on growing dynamic IP networks, delivering the added benefit of improved network security as well.

Unparalleled support for DNS Servers

To ensure the solution will scale with businesses as they grow, the Men&Mice Suite integrates with the widest available range of DNS servers, such as BIND, Microsoft DNS services and Unbound. The 6.7 edition adds PowerDNS to enable customers to run hybrid environments for tightened security. In this release Men&Mice takes flexibility one step further with the addition of Amazon Route53 DNS services support. Enterprises moving to the AWS cloud or running hybrid private/public clouds can now keep full control of their DNS, DHCP and IP environment with the Men&Mice Suite.

Support for Amazon Route53
The Men&Mice Suite now supports Route53, Amazon’s cloud DNS service. With this integration, users can manage DNS information stored on the Amazon Route53 DNS servers in the same way they can manage DNS on other supported platforms, such as creating new zones and edit DNS records in existing zones.

Support for PowerDNS
PowerDNS, an open source, high performance DNS server, is now supported in the Men&Mice Suite. This capability will especially benefit customers with complex hybrid environments, as they will be able to manage all their diverse DNS servers from one solution, regardless if they are BIND, Microsoft DNS or PowerDNS servers.

DNS Security

The increase of mobile devices (BYOD), the Internet of Things (IoT) and the growth of cloud-based virtual machines has caused a seismic shift in the DDI landscape, leading to greater awareness of network-related security risks. Security manifests itself in various formats, such as availability, performance and the ability to withstand attacks like DDoS Attacks, DNS cache poisoning and other DNS security threats. The Men&Mice Suite helps network administrators address such risks by offering hybrid DNS server support and high availability.

The 6.7 edition of the Men&Mice Suite adds DNS and DHCP service Monitoring and support for TLSA records that enable the storage of/and signing keys that are used to verify SSL/TLS certificates through DNSSEC.

DNS and DHCP service Monitoring
The Men&Mice Suite now actively monitors the status of the DNS and DHCP services on all managed platforms and will alert users if the services become unavailable. In addition to being displayed in the user interface, the alerts can be sent to monitoring systems for further processing. This will serve to maximize availability and enable customers to avoid costly unscheduled downtime.

Support for TLSA records
TLSA records, in conjunction with DNSSEC signatures, provide an easier and more secure way for applications such as Web browsers and mail servers to authenticate SSL/TLS certificates. Support for management of TLSA records has been added to the Men&Mice Suite. For more info on TLSA and DANE (DNS-based Authentication of Named Entities), users can view a recent Men&Mice webinar on the topic.

Reverse zone improvements
Handling of reverse records and reverse zones has been enhanced in this new version and is now much more tightly integrated into the IPAM module. Users can select any number of subnets and create and/or update the corresponding reverse entries for the subnets. Reverse record (PTR records) details are now also included with the IP address details in the IPAM view.

Role-based access support
Role-based access allows customers to create roles in the Men&Mice Suite and assign these roles to users and groups. All supported users and groups, whether Men&Mice built-in or from Active Directory or Radius can have roles assigned to them, which will greatly simplify access administration while providing a more flexible access model.

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New features in version 6.7