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Celebrating the Old and the New: Why the Past Matters in DDI

Men&Mice is known to last: we still have one of the co-founders on board, as well as several early-stage employees and subject matter expert consultants who have logged 20+ years in the industry

Jun 22nd, 2021

Our Version 10.0 release has been nothing short of a party here at Men&Mice: fancy new t-shirts with a cool “10.0” logo, our traditional Release Ís* tasting party from local vendors, and even a few glasses of champagne. (*For the non-native Icelandic speakers, “Ís” is the Icelandic for ice cream, pronounced similar to the English word “ease”)

We’ve been detailing some of the new features of this release in various ways: a weekly blog series, highlighting the award-winning new branding and website, and introducing you to our new employees.

But we also wanted to remind our readers of some of the long-standing, old school big picture benefits that Men&Mice can bring to your table (besides good ice cream recommendations).


Top Five reasons why Men&Mice has always been Cool (with a capital C):

1. We’ve been doing this for over 30 years. It’s not often you get to work with a company that was the literal pioneer in a product’s field, but our customers can say that! What started with three men doing cutting-edge research at a university technology park thirty years ago turned into the world’s first commercial DNS solution five years later, and led to one of the premiere comprehensive DNS, DHCP, and IPAM (DDI) solutions on the market by today.

Men&Mice is known to last: we still have one of the co-founders on board, as well as several early-stage employees and subject matter expert consultants who have logged 20+ years in the industry. Our history, combined with our hands-on collaboration with customers, means your deployment chaperone or support expert could turn out to be someone who’s been working with DNS since the advent of the internet.

2. We think API-first. Our flagship product Micetro is built on top of a fully-featured and unified API: every operation available through the UI can be completed and automated through a single scripting interface. Because of this integrated approach to DDI orchestration, introducing new devices and maintaining a network administration toolset remains consistent no matter how your network infrastructure evolves. Gartner has rated Men&Mice as the #1 market leader in API robustness, highlighting it as intuitive and holistic. We also pride ourselves on our <thorough yet simple documentation>, helping you map and maintain your workflows to suit your business goals.

3. We bet big on You early. When designing our solution, we wanted to focus on building something that would natively integrate with any network setup, while also being user- and budget-friendly. And so we imagined a world where companies didn’t need to buy new, expensive appliances and hardware, and would instead use our solution as a future-proof, flexible overlay on their existing network architecture. Meaning, of course, companies were then free to create any infrastructure architecture they desired, including the still-newfangled cloud.

We were the first in the market to implement such an overlay solution. Eventually, our vision proved to be correct and both the ubiquity of cloud technology and software-defined solutions caught up with us. Now we not only have the most advanced, market-tested solution for multicloud and hybrid networks, but our foresight and perseverance keeps providing deep-running expertise for our customers who are reaping the rewards.

4. We have some pretty big accolades. Indulge us a little; we’d like to brag for a second. In Gartner’s 2019 assessment and ranking of the DDI market, Men&Mice was one of the few solutions singled-out as noteworthy. They scored us #1 in Platform and Deployment, #1 in Active Directory integration, #1 in cloud integrations, and #1 in API automation. And not to rub it in, we scored higher than the biggest players in the industry.

Similarly, for the past decade, Microsoft has designated us as their “Preferred Solution” for DDI, for our ability to play nice with Azure and Active Directory. Talk about having friends in high places!

5. We are one of the fastest growing DDI companies five years running. And we’re still true to our vision and independence on any one backend technology. In the years 2016-2019, we saw impressive +30% year-over-year revenue growth and closed several landmark international enterprise deals. We’re consistently praised by both industry consultants and internal reports, and seeing dramatic growth in the number of new customers while also holding the highest customer retention rate in the industry. This means, as our customers continue to grow and evolve their networks, they still love and stick with us. We must be doing something right, huh?

We’re able to claim all these above milestones because we are genuinely passionate about DNS, DHCP, and IP address management! Our CTO is still game to customize a customer deployment solution, and we spend our free time developing handy nuggets like a DIG command-line tool for your unlimited use on our website. We love what we do, even after (or especially) 30 years of doing it. You’re welcome to join us.