How to use EDNS buffer size to avoid with transmission failure and spoofed DNS packets

A DNS Flag Day 2020 webinar

A free webinar to cover the updates to EDNS buffer size brought by 2020’s DNS Flag Day, and how network operators can battle DNS fragmentation even in legacy environments.

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In this webinar renowned DNS educator Carsten Strotmann will discuss the operational and security impact of fragmentation of DNS answers and how the changes mitigate these risks.
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Understand DNS fragmentation

See what fragmented packets mean to your networks.

Best practices for mitigation

Learn what new recommendations were announced on DNS Flag Day.

Explore the research

Gain insight into the rationale behind the changes and how it affects users and operators.

Preparing old resolvers

Look at how to check your  infrastructure for DNS fragmentation issues and how to implement the changes on older DNS resolver software.


World-class instructor

Carsten Strotmann is an acclaimed ISC trainer, and has been supporting customers with Unix and Windows networks for more than 28 years.

Free to attend and engage

For the first time ever, Men&Mice is not only making the webinar materials available, but will maintain an extended Q&A window for your convenience.

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