Encrypted DNS webinar

This free webinar, hosted by renowned DNS educator Carsten Strotmann, provided updates about the current state and future of encryption and privacy in DNS.

The classic DNS protocol, still used in the majority of networks, is insecure: DNS data is sent in plain text with no authentication or integrity check, making it easy to falsify.

The first implementations have caused concerns about data collection and privacy, but there are many new and interesting ideas for encrypting DNS data.
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What is DNS encryption

Understand the need for encryption and privacy in DNS.

DoT and DoH

Learn details about the pioneers: DNS-over-TLS and DNS-over-HTTPS.

The state of DNS encryption

Gain insight into the rate and challenges of DoT and DoH adoption.

The future of encrypted DNS

Look at new developments from the IETF ADD Working group, including oblivious DoH (oDoH) and adaptive DNS resolver discovery


World-class instructor

Carsten Strotmann is an acclaimed ISC trainer, and has been supporting customers with Unix and Windows networks for more than 28 years.

Free to attend and engage

For the first time ever, Men&Mice is not only making the webinar materials available, but will maintain an extended Q&A window for your convenience.

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