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Men & Mice at MS Ignite 2018 for On-prem, Hybrid and Multi-cloud network management

What's changed since our last MS Ignite?

We released Men & Mice Suite v9.1 which includes:

  • cloud-native integration with best-in-class vendors and services
  • Unprecedented API-first design for compatibility across heterogeneous hybrid & multi-cloud networks.
  • Greater virtualization and automation capabilities.
  • Fine-grained access controls and audit trails encompassing visibility across an organization’s entire network.
  • Mitigation of DDoS and misconfigurations through xDNS Redundancy™ feature
  • Web-based management for simplifying day-to-day operations

We also introduced flexible purchasing options with the choice of licenses or subscriptions for the Men & Mice Suite.

What makes Men & Mice DDI Suite valuable for Windows 2016 and Azure environments?

Our architecture, Active Directory and Azure integration

The Men & Mice Suite architecture is designed to intuitively integrate with a Microsoft infrastructure environment or multi-vendor, multi-platform networks. We’ve been working with Microsoft developer for years. For example, we were the first to offer comprehensive support for Windows Server 2016 (including zone scope and DNS policies) and Azure DNS. Other core advantages of the Men & Mice Suite architecture include:

  • Single pane of glass visibility over all DDI operations on-prem and in the cloud.
  • Audit trails across all changes to DNS, DHCP, and IPAM.
  • Granular, role-based access to objects residing with MS servers, services, and cloud subscriptions.
  • Easy and automated migration of data from server to server, or between on-prem and cloud
  • Reliable and widely compatible APIs to automate and manage all your DDI operations and data.
  • Monitoring of data integrity and usage, such as DHCP scope and subnet utilization.

Active Directory integration
As the first IPAM solution to fully integrate with Microsoft Active Directory (MS AD), the Men & Mice DDI Suite boasts an exceptional Active Directory synergy:

  • Synchronization ensures real-time system integrity, allowing and propagating changes through both the Men & Mice Suite or Active Directory.
  • Role-based granular access (both for users and groups), tracking, and auditing fortifies security and boosts administrative efficiency. Users can be authenticated through Active Directory (AD) and use single sign-on (SSO) to access Men & Mice Suite.
  • Global overview and administration of Sites and Subnets directly through the Men & Mice Suite.

Moving to Azure DNS from another provider?
We’ve found the most appealing features in the Men & Mice Suite for enterprise organizations looking to transition to Azure and Azure DNS from another provider are:

  • Cloud-native integration.
  • Bulk migration or import of DNS zones into Azure DNS.
  • Workflow extensions to automatically tag zones during the migration phase for indicating migration status.
  • Tracking changes, delegating access, and seeing all zones across multiple subscriptions, and managing data through APIs after migration.