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Men&Mice and COVID-19: a message from the CEO

Men&Mice is known for, in addition to the Men&Mice Suite, its exceptional customer service. Supporting our customers, and going above and beyond, has been at the core of our business since the beginning.

Because of the worldwide impact of COVID-19, it felt appropriate to acknowledge how our team maintains the levels of support you‘ve come to expect from us, and how the situation affects our operations.

Luckily, Men&Mice is in a position that allows us to function mostly unchanged. Our corporate Business Continuity Plan (BCP) already afforded us resilience, and we’ve made the necessary adjustments to respond to this particular situation appropriately, with priority given to the customer service team to continue to be available to you, our customer.

Men&Mice doesn’t rely on a complex supply chain for critical operations, and therefore disruptions are minimal and can be mitigated. Our external contact is primarily with cloud businesses such as Azure, Akamai, and Amazon Web Services. These vendors and providers are uniquely well-positioned to respond to the rapid digital transformation the world experiences.

Men&Mice employees have always been encouraged to work remotely or take time off in case of health issues: we can maintain minimal operations with losing up to 50% of the workforce temporarily. So far no member of our staff has been diagnosed with COVID-19, but our teams have been instructed, in line with government guidelines, to stay home and observe social distancing.

We are well-experienced in using digital tools to keep in touch and work effectively from anywhere at any time. Processes for customer service remain the same. Our SLAs and contractual obligations remain unchanged. Our services continue to operate without disruption. You and your teams can rest assured that Men&Mice will be there for you, should any issues arise in your networks.

Thank you for being a Men&Mice customer, and don’t hesitate to contact us with confidence at any time!

**Magnús E. Björnsson **