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ISC and Men & Mice raise the standard for DNS training

Redwood City / Reykjavik – 11 February 2011

Today Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) and Men & Mice announced a joint training program to offer and develop courses on Internet protocols at the cutting edge of Internet operations technology.  Individually both firms provide highly rated training for core Internet technologies such as DNS, DHCP, IPv6 and more.  By combining their course offerings, locations, and teaching staff, the companies will each expand their curricula and their geographic reach. Initially there are five different courses and workshops offered including Introduction to DNS & BIND, advanced DNS & BIND, DHCP, IPv6 Fundamentals, and DNSSEC.

“Increasing knowledge and awareness on DNS, DHCP, IPv6 and DNSSEC is important to both ISC and Men & Mice. We see this partnership as a unique opportunity to jointly strengthen our training offerings and increase information sharing about these critical services at the core of the Internet”, said Jón R. Kristjánsson, CEO of Men & Mice.”

ISC develops and distributes the industry leading core Internet software BIND and DHCP.  ISC offers training & consulting to aid in the deployment and the operational aspects of the software.  ISC has conducted training courses on its BIND and DHCP software since 2007.

Men & Mice develops and markets software for IP Address Management and offers training globally on topics including DNS and BIND, DHCP, and IPv6. Men & Mice has offered courses and workshops since 2001. Later this year ISC and Men & Mice will launch a testing and evaluation program by which individuals can be certified as technical or operational experts in these technologies.

“Men & Mice and ISC are both highly regarded technology trainers. Merging the best from our course offerings and increasing our geographic coverage will make quality professional training more widely accessible.  Both companies and their customers will benefit from this partnership and this will grow and strengthen both companies’ training programs,” said Barry Greene, President of ISC.”

About ISC

Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) public benefit corporation widely known for world-class Internet software engineering and network operations.

ISC software, of which BIND and ISC DHCP are the two best-known examples, is always open-source. Our passion is Internet core technology. Our widely-imitated Managed Open Source process ensures the quality of our software while keeping it completely open and available. ISC also operates high-reliability global networks of DNS root servers (F-root) and authoritative DNS servers (SNS@ISC) both for non-profit and commercial enterprises.  ISC continues to be involved in Internet protocol and standards development, particularly in the areas of DNSSEC and IPv6.  ISC is supported by donations from generous sponsors, by program membership fees, and by specific fees for services.  For program or donation information, please visit our website at

About Men & Mice

Founded in 1990 in Reykjavik, Iceland, Men & Mice is a market leader in the development of cutting-edge DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management (IPAM) solutions. The Men & Mice Suite enables organizations to leverage their existing enterprise DNS and DHCP investments by providing centralized management through one simple, secure interface. Men & Mice has offered courses and workshops since 2001 on topics including DNS, DHCP, and IPv6. Whether the environment is based on Windows, Unix, Cisco or a combination – Men & Mice is your first choice in IP Address Management.

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