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Men&Mice announce Micetro 10.2

Men&Mice announce Micetro 10.2

At Men&Mice, we are happy to announce the launch of Micetro 10.2, the latest version of our award-winning unified DNS, DHCP, and IP address Management (DDI) orchestration solution. We have been working hard on this new update of Micetro to bring to our solution a series of new and updated features that continually enhance our customers' experience and allows network & IT teams to manage their networks with ease. The features include new DHCPv6 capabilities, new functionality within custom properties, and other improvements to the web UI which means even better operational experience for you and your teams.

"As IPv6 adoption continues to grow, it's important to give our users the same control over the dynamic allocation of their IPv6 addresses as their IPv4." Says Magnus Bjornsson, CEO at Men&Mice, "With version 10.2 of Micetro we're doing just that by bringing the same single-pane view and ease of use to DHCPv6 as they've enjoyed for DHCPv4."

New Features

This new version of Micetro comes with some great new features including a better level of management and visibility for DHCPv6, custom property management which can be managed through the Micetro web interface, High Availability management for Micetro Central, and DHCP scope reconciliation for Microsoft DHCP servers from the Micetro Web UI.

It is worth noting that all new features for Micetro 10.2 are available both on the web UI and the API.

A more in-depth look at the new features as updates from Micetro 10.2 can be found here.