BlueCat acquires Men&Mice to boost its industry-leading DNS, DHCP, and IP address management (DDI) platform





Men&Mice announces integration with runIP to transform network management

We announced today, at Men&Mice, that Micetro 10.1, will now integrate with the N3K runIP Platform. N3K is a leading specialist for DDI solutions and services in Germany. More than half of all DAX companies are relying on N3K products and services.

The runIP DDI Platform is proven and widely used worldwide where it provides an efficient solution for roll-out, configuration, patching and upgrades of DNS and DHCP servers. In tandem with Micetro, the runIP DDI Platform will optimise the efficiency and value of DDI investments. Men&Mice joins BT DiamondIP and Nokia VitalQIP in integrating with the runIP DDI Platform.

“Through establishing an integration with Micetro 10.1 for the runIP DDI Platform, we can offer our customers accessibility to other leading DDI solutions, as well as comprehensive vision into their DNS and DHCP services,” said Alexander Häcker, CEO of the N3K-Group. “This bundles the power of both solutions to provide a robust tool for enterprise network management.”

This integration ensures that Micetro customers receive integrated, comprehensive, and real-time monitoring of DNS and DHCP services and operating systems, as well as extensive long-term statistics. In addition, customers can review performance graphs for CPU or RAM utilisation and statistics on DNS or DHCP requests, as well as proven DNS-Security functionalities.

This partnership will allow N3K runIP DDI Platform customers to make the most of Micetro’s automation-enabled and comprehensive DDI orchestration solution for their enterprise network, ensuring sustainable network management to help companies be more efficient, connected, and secure.

“We are proud to partner with one of the leading innovators in the European network management space,” said Magnus Bjornsson, CEO of Men&Mice. “The integration with the runIP DDI Platform will provide our customers with both the superb network efficiency benefits of Micetro and the holistic vision and support that the runIP platform provides.”

About N3K

N3K is a leading provider of DDI solutions with more than 20 years of experience. N3K specializes in solutions for IPAM & DNS Security, AD & Cloud Auditing and Privileged Access Management. Strong focus has enabled the development of developed a very high level of expertise and experience. This has resulted in a history of successful and effective project deliveries to fully meet individuals’ requirements of a high quality and diverse customer base. N3K supports customers throughout the entire project cycle ‐ analysis, design, project planning, implementation and training. After implementation, the company delivers extensive ongoing maintenance and support services including global 7x24 support. Based on this philosophy, N3K Network Systems has established itself as a leading provider in EMEA ‐ the majority of the DAX companies and further global customers rely on N3K products and services. With locations in the US, Canada and Singapore, services can be provided worldwide. For more information, visit our website: