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Men & Mice Releases DDI Blockbuster Version with xDNS Redundancy and Multi-Cloud IP Address Management

Reykjavik – June 29th, 2017 - Men & Mice announces the release of Version 8.2 of the Men & Mice DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management (DDI) Suite.

Building on the unrivaled flexibility of its enterprise-class, software overlay architecture, Men & Mice Suite Version 8.2 consolidates on-premises and cloud networks in one view and point of access through support for multi-cloud IP Address Management in Azure and AWS, and by adding integrated support for DNS service providers NS1 and Dyn to existing Men & Mice support for Azure DNS and Amazon Route 53.

Men & Mice network management for on-premises, in the cloud and on multi clouds

Unique on the DDI market, and brand new in Version 8.2, the Men & Mice xDNS redundancy feature enables the replication and synchronization of multiple DNS zones on diverse external DNS platforms. xDNS redundancy reduces the risk of exposure to a single point of DNS failure, improves network reliability and performance, and enhances the successful mitigation of DDoS attacks and other potentially harmful DNS incidents.

Magnus Bjornsson, Men & Mice CEO, said: “Cloud vendors are continuously bringing powerful new services online and enterprises are wrestling with how and when to best utilize them. xDNS redundancy and the multi-cloud IP Address Management features in Men & Mice Suite Version 8.2 further strengthen Men & Mice’s reputation as the DDI vendor strategically best equipped to help enterprises harness the diverse potential of on-premises, cloud, hybrid cloud and multi-cloud network environments.”

Looking for more?

More details on Version 8.2 are available on the Men & Mice blog.

Follow these links for more information on Men & Mice xDNS redundancy feature, or multi-cloud IP Address Management.

To see Men & Mice xDNS redundancy in action, check out the xDNS webinar hosted online in conjunction with NS1.

Curious about how the Men & Mice Suite can benefit your network? Get in touch with one of our Men & Mice Sales Engineers, or get your free Version 8.2 license for a complimentary 30-day trial experience.

About Men & Mice
27 years of expert innovation in DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management has given Men & Mice unique insight into creating solutions that confidently mitigate the shocks of technological disruption. Used to run some of the planet’s largest corporate networks, the Men & Mice DDI Suite unobtrusively pulls DDI data from a diverse range of servers and platforms and consolidates network control and manageability under a single pane of glass.