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Men&Mice Suite version 9.1 released for cloud-ready DNS, DHCP and IPAM

New Men&Mice Suite version 9.1 introduces powerful but simplified web-based management application, optimized cloud support and virtual appliance upgrades, reinforcing commitment to visibility and functionality across hybrid and multi-cloud DNS networks.

Reykjavik, Iceland (12 July 2018 )— Men&Mice, a network management solutions company delivering software-based DNS, DHCP and IP address management since 1990, today released the latest version of the Men&Mice Suite, v9.1, a cloud-ready solution for the management and automation of DNS, DHCP and IPAM (DDI) operations.

The Men&Mice Suite is a modular, software-based overlay solution for the management of DNS, DHCP and IPAM operations whether on-premise, hybrid or multi-cloud. The modules are managed through a central application that includes a Windows-based console, a new web application as well as powerful REST, SOAP and JSON-RPC APIs. Men&Mice also offers DNS / DHCP and Caching DNS virtual appliances.

CISOs and network managers assessing enterprise network infrastructure solutions continue to turn to Men&Mice to strengthen the health of their hybrid and multi-cloud networks against DDoS attacks and DNS failures,” said Magnus Bjornsson, CEO of Men&Mice. “The Men&Mice Suite v9.1 represents our commitment to enabling customers to adapt their infrastructure to be more software-enabled, cloud-ready and redundant, with increased visibility, control, security and automation.

Some of the key updates within the Men&Mice Suite v9.1 include:

A new web-based management application

The new web-based management application includes three sections: DNS, Networks and Reporting. It serves as an alternative to the Men&Mice Suite Windows-based management console for performing day-to-day tasks, management functions and generating reports related to DNS and DHCP operations. Its Quick Command functionality cuts down time on common tasks such as finding and working with DNS zones or records, IP address ranges, DHCP scopes and IP addresses.

The web-based management application will become the platform for further DNS, DHCP and IPAM (DDI) innovations from Men&Mice in future releases.

xDNS Redundancy read-only zones

xDNS Redundancy, which can be used to synchronize DNS zones hosted with multiple cloud providers, now includes support for Active Directory-hosted zones. Zones in a redundancy group can be assigned to read-only mode, so that changes made to a DNS zone outside of the Men&Mice Suite will not be replicated to all other zone instances.

Optimized and enhanced Cloud support

Version 9.1 streamlines the migration and management of a large number of DNS zones with Azure DNS and Amazon Route 53 by utilizing cloud-native features to monitor changes to DNS made outside of the Men&Mice Suite, greatly improving synchronization of DNS data from the cloud providers.

Men&Mice virtual appliances upgraded with DNSTAP support via BIND 9.11

DNS software on Men&Mice virtual appliances has been upgraded to BIND 9.11, which supports various new features as well as DNSTAP.

Details on DNS queries received and DNS replies sent by the Men&Mice virtual appliances can now be logged for further processing by enabling and utilizing the powerful DNSTAP feature with minimal performance impact on the appliances.

The appliances can also now function as NTP (Network Time Protocol) servers and be served by the same network infrastructure as DNS and DHCP.

Differentiating factors of Men&Mice’s software-based DNS, DHCP and IPAM (DDI) solutions include the ability to use the Men&Mice Suite and virtual appliances on existing network infrastructure, without the need to change or procure costly new hardware; the ability to migrate DNS zones and DHCP scopes between servers and service providers, DNS synchronization between hybrid or multi-cloud networks utilizing Men&Mice’s xDNS Redundancy feature; and flexible purchasing options with the choice of licenses or subscriptions for the Men&Mice Suite.

About Men&Mice

Men&Mice provides software-based solutions to effectively and efficiently manage and automate DNS, DHCP and IPAM operations on large, complex network infrastructure, whether on-prem, hybrid or multi-cloud. Global enterprise organizations, education and government entities have trusted Men&Mice for nearly 3 decades to improve visibility, control and security that help prevent against DDoS attacks and other harmful DNS failures.