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The new Men & Mice Suite version 5.7 supports Windows 2008 and the ISC DHCP server

The integrated enterprise DNS, DHCP and IP address management solution for Microsoft and Unix/Linux environments alike-

Men & Mice, a leading provider of DNS, DHCP and IP address management solutions, today released the Men & Mice Suite version 5.7.  The new version contains support for the new Windows 2008 server and its core deployment, management functionality for ISC DHCP server and a range of new features and improvements to the software Suite.

The fact is that most organizations today use Microsoft and/or Unix/Linux DNS & DHCP servers while appliances or other available solutions have very limited market share.  The DNS and DHCP services available in the operating systems are robust and efficient. Organizations are increasingly realizing the importance of a scalable and flexible IP management solution for secure and effective network management and Men & Mice is committed to providing excellent management solutions for these important core services necessary for all networks.

Support for Windows Server 2008

Men & Mice announces that version 5.7 of its Men & Mice Suite management software for DNS, DHCP and IP address space is compatible with Windows Server 2008 and Server Core deployments of Microsoft Domain Name Service (DNS) server, Microsoft Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server and Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) to provide customers with secure and efficient control of their IP name space.

“Today more than ever, organizations need to have dependable, scalable and secure management of their DNS, DHCP and IP address space,” said Jon Kristjansson, CEO of Men & Mice. “By working with Microsoft, we feel confident that the Men & Mice Suite will provide organizations that use Windows Server 2008 as their DNS and DHCP infrastructure with enhanced functionality and significant value that will surpass other appliance-based or software offerings.”

Support for ISC DHCP server

The new ISC DHCP support strengthens the status of the Men & Mice Suite as a leading solution in management of DNS and DHCP services and IP addresses in Unix/Linux, Microsoft or hybrid environments.  The Men & Mice Suite now includes management of Unix/Linux DNS and DHCP (BIND & ISC) as well as Microsoft DNS and DHCP or the mixture of both.  The ISC DHCP management functionality is the last piece in the puzzle, to create a unique management solution for IP infrastructure for both Microsoft and Unix/Linux environment.

The Men & Mice Suite

The Men & Mice Suite allows organizations to leverage their existing skills and investments by providing a sophisticated management layer on top of existing DNS and DHCP servers.  Non-intrusive, easy deployment and intuitive user interface make the Men & Mice Suite the logical solution for organizations running Microsoft and/or Unix/Linux based networks, or a mixture thereof.

Optimized for large corporate networks, the Men & Mice Suite provides unique value in managing multiple DNS and DHCP servers. Unified global overview of the IP infrastructure allows administrators to manage hundreds of servers, thousands of DNS zones and DHCP scopes, and millions of IP addresses in a secure manner.  Eliminating duplicate efforts in IP administration, decreased network downtime, reduced lead time in network changes and reduced support significantly increased administration efficiency and regulatory compliance is secured through logging of all activities in real time.

The Men & Mice Suite version 5.7 is available now.

About Men & Mice

Men & Mice is an Icelandic company, headquartered in Reykjavik, and with operations in the USA and Europe. Since founded in 1990, Men & Mice has been heavily involved with research and software development in the field of DNS and IP address management. The company’s research background delivers a strong foundation in DNS and DHCP technologies, and TCP/IP in general, while its long history in the market ensures practical solutions that cover every aspect of DNS, DHCP and IP address management.