DHCP Management Module

DHCP - key master of network automation

As part of the DDI trinity with DNS and IPAMDHCP holds the key to the advanced automation of a network’s IP address functionality.

Each connectable device, from printers to cameras to desktop computers or smartphones, needs an IP address to get online. In the era of IoT and BYOD, virtualization and the cloud, networks are flooded with IP address requests from a constantly increasing number of fixed and mobile devices.

Without DHCP servers, all IP addresses would have to be assigned manually, leaving networks both slow and exposed to risks associated with human error.

Finding DORA with Men&Mice DHCP

The stages of DHCP operations are sometimes referred to as DORA, short for server discovery, IP lease offer, IP lease request and IP lease acknowledgement. The speed and reliability at which an enterprise’s DHCP service finds and executes its DORA, affects an enterprise’s business efficiency at its modern-day core: 24/7 uninterrupted connectivity.

The Men&Mice DHCP Management module is designed and built to help large enterprises find their DORA fast. Capable of managing a wide variety of different DHCP servers within a single UI, the Men&Mice DHCP Management module provides support for ISC DHCP servers, Windows DHCP, Cisco IOS DHCP, Kea DHCP, as well as the Men&Mice virtual DHCP appliance. On its own, or as part of the powerful Men&Mice Suite, the Men&Mice DHCP Management Module’s advanced network efficiency elevates an enterprise’s business value to new heights.

Take charge of network infrastructure, security and speed

As a software overlay, the DHCP Management Module neatly integrates with existing servers and data using common protocols, ensuring maximum control with minimal disruption. Deployment is fast and free from the need for a redesign of infrastructure or painful hardware replacements.

The DHCP Management Module strengthens network infrastructure, boosts network security and reduces administration time through a host of indispensable features such as centralized control, scope monitoring, clean-up of concurrent leases, collection of DHCP lease history, and support for fail-over setups. Simultaneous management and automatic data replication between scopes enhance visibility and stability, while the Scope Migration Wizard takes the sting out of migrating data between DHCP servers.

Call time on needless errors

The Men&Mice DHCP Management Module pulls all server data, management and administration capabilities into a single, unified interface, accessed via the Management Console or web browser interface. Role-based access management allows for powerful centralization and task delegation, further protecting a network by tracking when, where and by whom any changes are made.

Real-time two-way Active Directory synchronization means changes made locally on a DHCP server are automatically replicated and reflected in the Men&Mice Suite, and vice versa, keeping your network clean, fast and reliable.

Turn investment expense into capital

The DHCP Management module seamlessly consolidates hybrid operating environments consisting of Unix/Linux, Windows, Cisco IOS and ISC servers – or a mixture thereof – helping you to extend your enterprise’s existing infrastructure investment.

Simplesafe and effortless scope migration capabilities between DHCP servers is made possible by the easy-to-use Scope Migration Wizard.

Support for scripting through the robust SOAP API, REST API or JSON-RPC (with Python) allows network engineers to customize automation of complex tasks to suit your business needs.

Gain the flexibility to take flight into the cloud

Large-scale migration of data centers and network services into the cloud bring positive benefits to enterprises, but also pose new challenges to secure and effective network management. A solution’s ability to adapt to the fluidity of current and future technological trends, is becoming mission critical to DDI. As a result, DDI vendors hasten to add cloud-compatible features onto their current solutions.

For Men&Mice software products, however, adaptability is built into the core architecture, consolidating network visibility and functionality on the ground and in the cloud. The flexible and easily customizable Men&Mice architecture, together with fully integrated support for Amazon Route 53, Azure DNS and OpenStack, allow enterprises the freedom to take the step towards cloud integration if, or when, the need arises.

Reporting on valuable DDI data

The advanced Reporting module for building reports on valuable DNS, DHCP and IPAM data from across your network.  It enables users and administrators the ability to utilize, save and export for download a variety of report templates. The advanced reports can be tailor-made by correlating data and templates in just a few steps, scheduling the results to be generated daily, weekly or on a custom schedule.

What used to take quite a long time is now an issue of seconds or minutes. I can create a new network, turn an IP address range into a scope and configure the failover and it’s really quick and easy.

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