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DNS Management Module

Doing DNS

DNS forms the critical foundation for every form of digital interaction within and between your enterprise and the rest of the world. Properly functioning DNS is what enables the effective transmission of data between all major network applications and services. Without DNS, there will be no emails, no online searches, shopping or social media, nor any web, file, and printing services. In short, DNS is as essential to any form of modern networking – and business – as electricity.

Doing DNS better

A non-intrusive and sophisticated management layer deployed on top of your DNS server infrastructure, the Men & Mice DNS Management Module helps to keep your DNS up and running without fail.

Integrating seamlessly with a diverse range of servers, from Windows DNS, to BIND, Unbound and PowerDNS, Men & Mice DNS Management also possesses unrivaled cloud integration with support for NS1, Dyn, Azure DNS, Amazon Route 53.

Make complex simple

Consolidating diverse DNS data overviews and control, across multiple platforms, under one feature-rich, single pane of glass, makes it easy to work with multiple DNS servers and hundreds, or tens of thousands of zones.

Administrators and engineers, regardless of how large, diverse or geographically dispersed their DNS environments are, have a unique, real-time synchronized overview of their DNS infrastructure, enabling consistent, reliable management of this critical resource. Migration of zones to cloud-based DNS services, such as Azure DNS, NS1, Amazon Route 53 and Dyn, is a one-click action.

Reduce DNS risks with xDNS redundancy™

Singular on the DDI market and made possible by the unique Men & Mice back-end agnostic architecture, Men & Mice xDNS redundancy enables the replication and synchronization of critical DNS zones across multiple DNS service provider platforms.

xDNS redundancy reduces the risk of exposure to a single point of DNS failure, improves network reliability and performance, and enhances the successful mitigation of DDoS attacks and other potentially harmful DNS incidents.

Reporting on valuable DDI data

The advanced Reporting module for building reports on valuable DNS, DHCP and IPAM data from across your network.  It enables users and administrators the ability to utilize, save and export for download a variety of report templates. The advanced reports can be tailor-made by correlating data and templates in just a few steps, scheduling the results to be generated daily, weekly or on a custom schedule.

Workflows for streamlining DNS change requests and approvals

The Workflow module for efficient request and approvals of DNS tasks. Allowing users to make requests for creating, modifying and deleting DNS records and optionally schedule the fulfillments of DNS changes. Network administrators can gain greater control and organization over changes within their DNS infrastructure.

Optimize system health and security

Role-based and centralized DNS access control, underpinned by the unusually tight integration with Microsoft Active Directory, eliminates unauthorized access, prevents human error, boosts uptime and ensures overall conflict-free DNS management. Combined with constant DNS System Health Monitoring, irregular DNS activity can be detected and prevented without delay. Advanced DNS security features such as Response Rate Limiting (RRL) and Response Policy Zone (RPZ) add an extra layer of security to core DNS services.

Rise to a flexible future

As the world’s data is increasingly being relocated to an assortment of cloud platforms and services, the technological ability to straddle diverse environments is becoming more acute. Unique to the Men & Mice DNS solution, our nifty, customizable universal DNS server controller grants greater freedom for customization of DNS services, wherever it’s located. Particularly robust SOAP, JSON-RPC and REST APIs allow for further flexibility in the automation of complex tasks. Plug-in for the VMware vRealize Orchestrator provides seamless integration into your DNS infrastructure, giving you the ability to automate DNS and IP address provisioning.

One view, many platforms

Built on the foundation of the award-winning DNS Expert and QuickDNS, the Men & Mice DNS Management Module architecture is designed to accommodate change. With powerful support reaching across multiple cloud DNS services, as well as the ability to seamlessly maneuver between BIND running on Unix/Linux and Microsoft Windows DNS, Men & Mice DNS Management is strategically best equipped to help enterprises harness the diverse potential of running DNS on-premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid and multi-cloud network environments.

The Men & Mice Suite made an immediate difference. It was quick to install, simple to use, and easy to customize—and it positions us well for the future.

Tommy Walker

Network Administrator, Texas Woman's University