BlueCat acquires Men&Mice to boost its industry-leading DNS, DHCP, and IP address management (DDI) platform





Migrate your DNS easily at will

Micetro enables unrestricted, cross-platform migration for DNS data.

DNS migration made easy

Micetro's streamlined, straightforward migration wizard takes care of the heavy-lifting of moving your DNS between platforms.

To and from anywhere:
To and from anywhere:

Migrate DNS from on-prem servers to the cloud and back, any time.

Move or copy:
Move or copy:

Keep the zone data intact or move it completely, as you see fit.

Keep track:
Keep track:

Micetro's object history keeps accurate record of migration activities.

Your DNS, your decision

Micetro operates on the principle that your DNS data belongs to you, and you should be free to migrate at your convenience.

The DNS migration wizard in Micetro was designed to handle the heavy-lifting of DNS migration, and keep control in your hands at all times. Whether you're consolidating DNS, building redundancies, or switching providers.

Protect DNS uptime with xDNS Redundancy

Powered by the same freedom of movement for DNS that enables easy DNS migration, xDNS Redundancy provides fault-tolerance for your DNS.

With xDNS Redundancy you can establish automated, cross-platform DNS synchronization and failover that can mitigate DDoS damage and sidestep the shortcomings in the SLAs of your cloud DNS vendors.