IP Address Management (IPAM)

Gateway to your network

IP addresses are the internet’s way of telling digital devices where they can find each other. Each device needs to have an IP address, either permanent (static) or temporary (dynamic) to connect to the internet. The methods used to plan, track, modify and manage how IP address spaces are used in a network is called IP Address Management, or IPAM.

IPAM is used by network administrators to gather critical network connectivity information such as the size and location of subnets, routers, IP address host names, IP address spaces and the related integration with DNS and DHCP servers.

Large enterprises without well-integrated IP Address Management risk running an unstable network environment, lacking the IP address overview and tools to prevent downtime caused by IP address conflicts and associated hardware misadventures.

Bring order to your IPAM

The Men&Mice IP Address Management Module is a powerful software solution designed to give complete, centralized overview and control of a network’s IP address spaces, whether on local and homogeneous, or highly distributed, heterogeneous networks.

Deployed on top of an enterprise’s existing IP infrastructure, the Men&Mice IPAM Module grants administrators the comprehensive tools with which to rapidly assign, track, audit and manage IP addresses, without the need for additional hardware investments.

Reporting on valuable DDI data

The advanced Reporting module for building reports on valuable DNS, DHCP and IPAM data from across your network. It enables users and administrators the ability to utilize, save and export for download a variety of report templates. The advanced reports can be tailor-made by correlating data and templates in just a few steps, scheduling the results to be generated daily, weekly or on a custom schedule.

Secure your network through visibility

The more you see, the more you know. Integrated visibility of network components is the first step to better network security.

The Men&Mice IP Address Management Module grants administrators a global overview of all IP address data, combined with comprehensive system health monitoring and the functionality to assigntrack, and manage any number of IP address spaces from a single, centralized interface.

Custom fields for various object types, including IP address ranges and individual hosts, as well as DNS servers and zones, and DHCP servers and scopes, can be defined from within the IP Address Management Module and local changes to configuration and data on DNS and DHCP servers are automatically synchronized and reflected in the Men&Mice Suite.

Optimize your AD

The first dedicated IPAM solution to fully integrate with Microsoft Active Directory, the Men&Mice IP Address Management Module possesses advanced, intuitive performance capabilities in a Microsoft environment. Unrivaled core integration allows for granular AD user access management from within the IPAM module, strengthened by real-time two-way synchronization – all changes made in AD are reflected in the IPAM module, and vice versa. Moreover, network administrators can securely add, remove and reassign subnets in AD while maintaining a complete audit trail.

Painlessly bridge the adaptability gaps

The Men&Mice IP Address Management Module effortlessly bridges the gaps in control between on-premises, cloud, hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Drawing on the unique adaptability generated by its back-end agnostic architecture, the Men&Mice Suite pulls together IP Address Management data from the widest range of platforms on the DDI market. The Men&Mice Suite supports Windows, BIND, Unbound, PowerDNS, Cisco IOS DHCP, ISC DHCP and Kea DHCP, as well as IPAM in Azure and AWS, and DNS services on the NS1, Azure DNS, Amazon Route 53 and Dyn platforms.

The sophisticated GUI and web interface, combined with the automation capabilities provided by the robust Men&Mice API communicating in SOAP, JSON-RPC and REST, allows for consolidated views and centralized control.

Land softly in the cloud with multi-cloud integrated IPAM

Cloud computing is quickly maturing into both a highly competitive alternative to on-premises infrastructure investment, as well as a crucial component of system redundancy.

When setting up base in the cloud, cloud networks at one, or more, cloud providers essentially become part of the corporate network. As a result, company network teams may typically have configured multiple company cloud accounts at each provider. This can lead to overlapping address spaces, and potentially harmful problems with allocating and managing address blocks for each cloud account.

Providing a holistic approach to effective cloud computing, Men&Mice consolidates vital IP Address Management data from AWS and Azure cloud instances, as well as on-premises networks, under a single pane of glass. Offering centralized views and integrated control, Men&Mice IPAM prevents overlapping address spaces, data management conflicts and other forms of cloud platform misconfiguration

With the help of Men&Mice, we have mastered the challenges of IP Address Management and now have a healthy IP network in front of us.

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