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Men & Mice DDI Suite

Men & Mice closed the gap and enabled us to pursue our strategies.

Tom Ferris

Senior IT Officer, IMF

The hidden engine that drives networks

Powerful digital networks form the undisputed foundation of all modern business, communications, industry, transport, government, health and education and social activity. To most of us, these networks are as invisible and unappreciated as the inner organs that keep our bodies moving, breathing and living. We only take notice, often quickly and painfully, when they stop working.

Each network’s functional reliability is determined by the split-second interplay of the critical network trinity: DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management, also known as DDI. Too often network outages or expensive downtime can be traced back to incidents related to the functioning within, or interaction between, these DDI components. While the quality of machines and technology can be said to drive network capacity and capability, it is a network’s DDI design and administration that determines its efficiency, connectivity, and security – and often makes, or breaks, a company’s performance.

DDI uncovered and empowered

The Men & Mice DNS, DHCP, and IP Address Management (DDI) Suite is built to help keep large enterprise networks connected by transforming the way you see, and control, your network’s IP infrastructure. Consolidating the different faces of DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management functionality into a single management interface, and uniting all IP address data into a single database, the Men & Mice Suite enables centralized, comprehensive and integrated network overview and control.

Make the right network connections, securely

Integrating DNS, DHCP and IP address management improves workflow, manageability and security in the IP infrastructure, and significantly reduces the risk of human errors in uncontrolled and manual processes.

The first IPAM solution to fully integrate with Microsoft Active Directory Sites and Subnets, the Men & Mice Suite continues to offer an unparalleled system of two-way synchronization, ensuring real-time data integrity and the always up-to-date logging of changes. Critical data from routers and switches, together with DNS records and DHCP leases and reservations, are automatically synced with IP Address Management data, removing the time-consuming and risky burden of manual synchronization. AD-integrated granular, role-based user access control further fortifies network security and boosts administrative efficiency.

Get on top and stay on top

The Men & Mice Suite’s unique overlay architecture takes the sting out of implementing a DDI solution in large enterprises. Fast, non-invasive and non-disruptive deployment on top of an enterprise’s existing DNS and DHCP infrastructure eliminates the operational risk, and cost, of replacing critical servers. The challenge of uniting hybrid environments under one, single pane of glass is simplified through comprehensive support for a wide range of DNS and DHCP servers such as BIND, Microsoft DNS, PowerDNS, Unbound, Microsoft DHCP, Cisco DHCP, ISC DHCP and Kea DHCP.

Keeping IT clean vs cleaning IT up

As connectable devices proliferate and platforms multiply, networks continue to become more dispersed and complex, while growing in scope and services. Network teams are not only expected to keep their networks up to date and fully functional 24/7, but also have to find solutions to the hot mess that accompanies legacy issues. Messy, cluttered networks slow down connectivity, burn profitability and create security risks. In worst-case scenarios, messy networks can cause costly network outages. Men & Mice helps you to keep your networks clean and tidy with a built-in System Health Monitor that alerts network teams to critical issues with DNS, DHCP and IPAM. Combined with the Suite’s highly efficient clean-up tools, Men & Mice helps to prevent a hot mess in a network from turning into a hot loss for an enterprise.

Fit for the future

Trends towards virtualization, cloud, SDN, the Internet of Things (IoT) and associated challenges to network security, are casting enterprise networks into an unpredictable sea of change. Business success is increasingly being determined by an enterprise network’s ability to grow with and scale to technological shifts and trends. Designed with intuitive extensibility at the core of its architecture, the Men & Mice DDI Suite effortlessly scales on demand, helping to keep some of the world’s largest networks, running millions of IP addresses, in good shape for an increasingly fluid future.

We are experts in this space, and I can tell you the Men & Mice product is very well designed. Men & Mice has developed the kind of tool that my engineers would have developed for themselves given the chance.

Ford Boswell

Senior Infrastructure Manager, HD Supply