BlueCat acquires Men&Mice to boost its industry-leading DNS, DHCP, and IP address management (DDI) platform





Bring Your Own DNS

Micetro unobtrusively pulls DNS data from all your existing and future services into a unified UI and API.

From on-prem to cloud to edge and back.

Large, heterogeneous networks suffer from excessive management overhead, but Micetro streamlines DNS management for all major platforms:


Manage your BIND servers <tbc>

Microsoft DNS
Microsoft DNS

Native, bi-directional integration with Active Directory provides an unparalleled management experience.

Learn more about Micetro and Microsoft
AWS Route 53
AWS Route 53

Utilize Amazon's robust cloud infrastructure with multi-account support and cross-platform redundancy.

... and more!
... and more!

Whether you use cloud DNS with NS1 or Akamai Fast DNS, or run it on-prem with Unbound or PowerDNS, Micetro provides compatibility.

Manage the DNS, not the platform

Sustainable network management depends on unified controls, and Micetro was built to orchestrate between platforms.

With Micetro you can cut management time and cost and improve employee onboarding for your network teams. Micetro supports all major DNS platforms, not just for today but through their backend changes so your teams need to only learn one way of managing your DNS.

Freedom of movement for DNS data

Vendor-specific DNS management tools often lock your data inside their controls. Micetro frees your data for unrestricted migration and redundancy to support the growth of your business.

Whether you interact with DNS through Micetro's graphical user interface or fully-featured API, a single unified orchestration tool is all that is required. Micetro puts control back to where it belongs: in your hands.