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Webinar – How to’s – the Men & Mice Suite 6.4 & 6.4.5

Would you like to make your daily management easier than it already is?

At Men & Mice we're serious about success and understand how important it is that daily IP infrastructure challenges in both small and large computer networks are met in the most efficient manner.

Take a look at our 40 minute webinar where Eythor, one of our Professional Services geniuses, hosts a detailed demonstration of the new features and functionality of the Men & Mice Suite 6.4 & 6.4.5, along with a Q&A session at the end.

He will give you practical advise on the following:

  • Demonstration of the new network utilization history feature
  • Demonstration of how it's now possible to define the criteria for when an IP is considered Free
  • Introduction to the Device and Interface concept
  • Introduction to the new subnet Container concept
  • Demonstration of the access inheritance for subnets feature
  • Demonstration of the Migrate zone wizard
  • Demonstration of clearing cache on BIND resolvers
  • Demonstration the new and improved upgrade process
  • Demonstration of the advanced DHCP configuration editing on ISC DHCP servers
  • Introduction to the Men & Mice DDI and caching appliances
  • Setting up and configuring the M&M DDI appliance
  • Setting up and configuring the M&M caching appliance in the M&M Suite