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Webinar – IETF 90 Report – DNS, DHCP, IPv6 and DANE

Report from IETF 90 in Toronto 2014

The IETF, Internet Engineering Task Force, those that are working on new Internet Standards, met in Toronto in July 2014.

At this webinar, Mr. Carsten Strotmann from the Men & Mice Services team gives an overview of interesting developments from the working groups inside the IETF, after attending online at the IETF 90 in Toronto.

Hear more on:

  • DNS
  • DNS-Privacy
  • IPv6
  • DANE
  • DHCP(v6)
  • and new RFCs that have been published since the last IETF in March 2014

Carsten also answers the following questions:

    • Regarding distributed root zone files, was there any discussion of how often the new zone files would be distributed?
    • Can you give a short overview what has been discussed about DANE?
    • Does the new SPF RFC clarify the use of TXT vs. SPF records