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Webinar – RIPE 70 Report

A RIPE meeting is a five-day event where Internet Service Providers (ISPs), network operators and other interested parties from all over the world gather to discuss issues of interest to the Internet community. RIPE 70 was hosted in Amsterdam, Netherlands in May 2015.

During this 45 min. webinar, one of the Men & Mice specialists, Mr. Strotmann reports on the highlights that were covered at RIPE 70 meeting.

Topics covered:

  • IPv6 segment routing
  • synchronizing DNS parent and child zones using the DNS protocol
  • Status update on Knot-DNS 2.0 DNS Server and the Knot-DNS resolver
  • DNSSEC look-aside validation (DLV) sunset
  • network tuning for DNS zone transfers
  • Use cases for IPv6 extension headers
  • Zonemaster DNS and DNSSEC testing tool
  • DNS based DDoS attacks