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Cloud Solutions

Step into the cloud with Men & Mice

The Men & Mice DDI Suite solves the problems of cloud network visibility and manageability by acting as the ‘missing link’ to secure network administration, regardless of where a network’s infrastructure is located. The Suite enables coordinated and secure viewing, control, monitoring and management of internal and external network operations, seamlessly synchronizing data and services whether it’s on premises or in a public, private or hybrid cloud environment.

The Men & Mice DDI Suite does for enterprises in the cloud what it does for enterprises on the ground: breaks down the barriers to the flow of processes, services and data by building secure DNS, DHCP and IPAM bridges for efficient and fully synchronized network operationality.

Men & Mice Partners in the Cloud

IPAM in the cloud
When setting up base in the cloud, cloud service customers may have configured more than one territory. This can result in overlapping address spaces. Men & Mice support for IP Address Management in the Azure and AWS clouds grants customers the benefit of seeing, and controlling, subnets in different address spaces from a single UI point of access.

Microsoft Azure DNS
The officially recognized Men & Mice third-party support for Microsoft Azure DNS enables advanced DNS manageability in the cloud by allowing customers to host part, or all, of their DNS services or infrastructures in Azure DNS.

AWS Amazon Route 53
The Men & Mice Suite support for AWS Amazon Route 53 grants customers the freedom to view, manage and control zones and records in Amazon’s Route 53 cloud-based DNS.

The Men & Mice Suite support for OpenStack enables customers to add one, or multiple, public or private, OpenStack instances, and see the networks and the subnets which are defined in these instances, as well as create or configure new dynamic and static subnets for virtual machines in the cloud.