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Cloud Solutions

Unified management, visibility, and secure monitoring of hybrid and multicloud network services.

A new era for Hybrid and Multicloud Network Management

Cloud services are becoming more integral to efficient network management. They require little to no  up-front capital investment, are simple to scale up or down as your networking or storage needs change, and reduce investments in on-site hardware provisioning, maintenance and management.

They also have a downside:  the loss of centralized visibility, synchronization and integrated management between on-premise infrastructure and cloud investments or across multiple cloud services, which can lead to overlapping address spaces and migration challenges that limit network adaptability.

The Men & Mice Suite for DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management offers consolidated views, secure monitoring and integrated management of all network spaces, across most platforms whether on-premise, in the cloud or across multicloud environments.

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Multi-cloud integrated IP Address Management

When setting up base in the cloud, cloud networks at one, or more, cloud providers essentially become part of the corporate network. As a result, company network teams may typically have configured multiple company cloud accounts at each provider. This can lead to overlapping address spaces, and potentially harmful problems with allocating and managing address blocks for each cloud account.

Providing a holistic approach to effective cloud computing, Men & Mice consolidates vital IP Address Management data from AWS and Azure cloud instances, as well as on-premises networks, under a single pane of glass. Offering centralized views and integrated control, Men & Mice IPAM prevents overlapping address spaces, data management conflicts and other forms of cloud platform misconfiguration

Harness cloud potential with Men & Mice

DNS in the cloud
Native support for Azure DNS, Amazon Route 53, NS1 and Dyn seamlessly combines the feature-rich benefits of the integrated Men & Mice Suite DDI functionality, with the fast performance and reliability of DNS in the cloud. Consolidated views and control of DNS zones and records on multiple platforms reduce the risk of DNS conflicts and diversifies DNS high availability.

DNS redundancy across platforms
Unique on the DDI market, the Men & Mice xDNS redundancy feature enables multi-platform DNS redundancy for ultimate network high availability. xDNS redundancy provides the abstracted tools necessary to replicate and synchronize critical DNS master zones across multiple DNS service provider platforms, including Azure DNS, Amazon Route 53, NS1 and Dyn, breaking new ground in the battle against DNS misconfiguration and DDoS attacks.

OpenStack boosts network interoperability and helps enterprises build cloud-type services in their own datacenters. With the Men & Mice Suite, users can add one or multiple OpenStack instances, see the range of subnets defined in these instances and create or configure new dynamic and static subnets for virtual machines in the cloud.

Designed to integrate seamlessly within the VMware Orchestrator framework, the Men & Mice Suite VMware vRealize Orchestrator plug-in allows fast and efficient provisioning of virtual machines. Integrated functionality not only saves you time, but also strengthens security, eliminates configuration errors and ensures improved and continuously synchronized network manageability, into the cloud and beyond.