Advance from homegrown solutions

Go DDI pro with your homegrown assets

There was a huge advantage in finding a solution that complemented the systems we already had in place. It wasn’t an option for us to start over or to select a solution that wasn’t intuitive.

Homegrown peaks and valleys

Just as no two networks are the same, not all homegrown IP address management solutions are created equal. Some are straightforward spreadsheet-based creations, others are simple flat file databases, while yet others are highly sophisticated scripted inventions containing complex dependencies and considerable business logic.

In the same vein, a range of different motivations exist for enterprises looking to move from homegrown to commercial solutions. Most commonly, the search is on because network teams want to gain flexibility, speed up workflows through automation or reduce configuration errors through robust role-based access management. Network teams may be battling with an uncompliant inherited legacy database, or be thrown in at the deep end with a rapidly expanding network. Whatever the motivation, there is no reason to exacerbate challenging situations by discarding a homegrown asset off the bat.

Raise your homegrown game with DDI integration

If you’re looking to replace your homegrown solution completely, the Men&Mice DDI Suite software solution deploys on top of your existing DNS and DHCP infrastructure, granting you the tools you lack for efficient IP Address Management, such as:

  • Comprehensive centralized overview of all network segments, local, distributed, on-premises or in the cloud
  • Task delegation and fine-grained role-based access management for tightened security
  • Extensive tracking and automation capabilities
  • Unrivalled Microsoft Active Directory integration
  • Real-time synchronization: your network data is always fresh and up to date
  • Robust API for customization and innovation
  • Improving IT infrastructure availability while reducing OPEX, freeing up time for IT staff to work on key IT initiatives

If, however, you’re looking to retain the business logic built into your homegrown solution, but add critical tools and functionality, the Men&Mice DDI Suite’s powerful overlay architecture allows for unparalleled flexibility of integration through our API. Instead of turning your network upside down and inside out, Men&Mice DDI lets you transform it gradually and on your own terms, helping you to create the professional IP Address Management environment you want, but with the custom-built logic you need.


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