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Network Security

DDI for smarter, stronger networks

Secure your DNS across multiple DNS service platforms with Men & Mice xDNS redundancy

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Complexity generates vulnerabilities

Network security, and how to best ensure it, remains the eternally hot debate. Security products are flooding the market, leaving network engineers reeling from an abundance of offerings. Yet including too many weapons in your network arsenal may end up being counterproductive – uncontrolled complexity and associated configuration issues and conflicts could leave your network weaker instead of stronger.

Simpler makes stronger

When your choice of defenses gets too complex, strengthen your fundamental network security by keeping it simpler and better integrating existing layers for greater protection.  Men & Mice helps you to drill back down to the basics. Is your network architecture well-structured? Are all network components up to date? Are all built-in security features enabled and up to date? Bolstering your network foundation through smart, optimized alignment of your network infrastructure can contribute more to overall network security than most add-on security features.

Safety through visibility and centralized delegation

Men & Mice gives you the edge when it comes to visibility and insight into your network devices and operations. Building on the widest range of server and hosting platform support on the DDI market, the Men & Mice DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management Suite consolidates diverse data into one, comprehensive view for centralized management and delegation.

Fine-grained, centralized, access management allows network and security teams to collaborate freely, enhancing effective network security without stepping on each other’s toes.

Integrated layers add greater protection, across platforms

With native IPAM support in the AWS and Azure clouds, and an unparalleled diversity of cloud DNS support, including NS1, Dyn, Azure DNS and Amazon Route 53, Men & Mice offers you the unified visibility and centralized control to venture into the cloud, or integrate on-premises, cloud, hybrid and multi-cloud offerings, on your own terms.

Simple activation protocols for additional features such as Response Rate Limiting, Response Policy Zones and DNSSEC on supported platforms, including BIND and Windows 2016, complement greater network protection through the stronger integration of built-in security layer offerings.

Mitigate DDoS with xDNS redundancy™

Unique on the DDI market, Men & Mice xDNS redundancy enables the replication and synchronization of critical DNS zones across multiple DNS service provider platforms.

xDNS redundancy reduces the risk of exposure to a single point of DNS failure, improves network reliability and performance, and enhances the successful mitigation of DDoS attacks and other potentially harmful DNS incidents.

Stay strong with tracking

Men & Mice provides extensive tracking and auditing of network activity. Knowing who did what, when and where on the network helps network and cyber security teams respectively to identify and take action on possible security breaches. Unrivalled Active Directory integration, together with real-time synchronization with routers, switches, DNS and DHCP servers, guarantee consistently fresh security data for greater efficiency. On top of that, the Men & Mice System Health Monitor is constantly on the watch, alerting network teams to network irregularities that may affect operations.