Scale your networks with full Microsoft integration

The Men&Mice Suite with Microsoft

Using Men&Mice’s software solutions with your existing Microsoft environment has numerous important advantages. Trusted for decades by the architects and managers overseeing some of the world’s largest network infrastructures, Men&Mice offers simplified integration, advanced control, and improved security.

You can leverage your existing Microsoft investments without replacing hardware or adding additional appliances and get consolidated views, secure monitoring and integrated management of all your network spaces, across platforms and on-premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid or multi-cloud environments.

Leverage your existing Microsoft investments

The Men&Mice Suite architecture is designed to intuitively integrate with a Microsoft infrastructure environment or multi-vendor, multi-platform networks.

It effectively controls and manages complex network resources while also unobtrusively pulling data from critical components, consolidating visibility of them into a single interface, offering:

  • Backend-agnostic, software-based architecture
  • Simplified, consistent workflows across different network operations
  • Automation through API-first design
  • Integration with cloud-native tools in Azure and Azure DNS

Advanced control for Microsoft environments

Deployed on top of pure Microsoft or hybrid networks, the Men&Mice Suite is accessed and controlled from a single pane of glass interface.

  • Structured control of the core network components
  • Unified overview for mixed network resources
  • Monitoring of data integrity and usage, with automated alerts
  • Granular, role-based access to objects residing with MS servers, services, and cloud subscriptions.
  • Easy and automated migration of data from server to server, or between on-premises and cloud.
  • Reliable and widely compatible APIs to automate and manage all your DDI operations and data.

Full Microsoft Active Directory integration

With the Men&Mice Suite enterprises can better leverage existing network infrastructure resources.

  • Single-Sign-On (SSO) through Active Directory
  • Granular access control for groups & individuals
  • Audit trails across all changes to large-scale DNS, DHCP, and IP Address management

As the first IPAM solution to fully integrate with Microsoft Active Directory, the Men&Mice DDI Suite boasts an exceptional Active Directory synergy:

  • Synchronisation ensures real-time system integrity, allowing and propagating changes through both the Men&Mice Suite or Active Directory.
  • Role-based granular access (both for users and groups), tracking, and auditing fortifies security and boosts administrative efficiency.
  • Global overview and administration of Sites and Subnets directly through the Men&Mice Suite.

Scale core networks into Azure

Scale core networks into Azure

Enterprises need a solution that allows them to fast-track Azure adoption without losing visibility into – and the value of-their on-premise networks in the process.

Migrating to the cloud is a top priority for enterprises dealing with:

  • Infrastructure sprawl
  • Segmented projects
  • Mergers & acquisitions

Yet adoption of cloud services is often hindered by obstacles:

  • Runaway costs of migration
  • Security vulnerabilities
  • Loss of control

Cloud-native Azure and Azure DNS

Azure’s built-in facilities for resilience, scaling, and security, without losing the visibility for comprehensive IP address management.

  • Complement or replace existing resources with Azure
  • Scale and efficiency for bulk migration and segmented projects
  • 100% SLA backed by Microsoft

Appealing features in the Men&Mice Suite for enterprise organisations looking to transition to Azure DNS from another provider are:

  • Bulk migration or import of DNS zones into Azure DNS
  • Workflow extensions to automatically tag zones during the migration phase for indicating migration status
  • Tracking changes, delegating access, and seeing all zones across multiple subscriptions, and managing data through APIs after migration

Scale your Microsoft DNS, DHCP and IPAM with Men&Mice


HBPO using Men&Mice for on-premises Microsoft needs


Enterprise using Men&Mice to migrate to Azure DNS