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Unbound Support

Enterprise grade support for Unbound

Unbound is an open source, secure and fast resolving/caching DNS Server (a resolving DNS Server resolves DNS information on behalf of client machines, it does not serve DNS zones).

Unbound is maintained as an open source project by NLNet Labs. Unbound is often used as an validating DNSSEC resolver, testing DNSSEC data from authoritative servers and securing client system from forged DNS data. Additional information on unbound can be found at

More information

For more information regarding Men & Mice Unbound support, please see this page


Unbound Support Contracts

Men & Mice currently only offers yearly Platinum support contracts for Unbound.
The Men & Mice support contract for Unbound covers issues like;

  • Installation, maintenance, updates, configuration, logging and troubleshooting
  • Generic DNS questions, (DNS resolution, DNS tracing, debugging DNS anomalies)
  • DNSSEC (trust anchor repositories, DNSSEC validation, DNSSEC troubleshooting).

Men & Mice Support covers Unbound installations on

  • Unix systems (Linux, Solaris, xBSD, MacOS X)
  • Windows Server systems.
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