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Professional Services

Men & Mice Professional Services provide the expert level of customized support required to stay competitive in the face of constantly evolving technological challenges

Service Contracts

The Men & Mice Service Contracts are specifically designed for mission critical environments. In addition to supporting the Men & Mice DDI Suite, the Service Contracts also cover other Men & Mice Suite-related services, such as support for BIND, Windows DNS Server and more.

Support Incidents

Do you have a complex question or need to troubleshoot a complicated situation and need a fast response? We offer the professional support you need over the phone.

DNS Server Infrastructure Support

Men & Mice offers enterprise grade support for your DNS infrastructure, regardless of what DNS servers you are using: vendor supported servers like Microsoft DNS, or open source servers, such as BIND and Unbound.

Find out how Men & Mice Professional Services can help you make BIND and Unbound work for you.

Consulting Services

Decades of experience working with BIND and Windows Servers in some of the world’s largest DNS architectures have prepared our expert consultants to assist you with all kinds of DNS problems, big and small.

Find out how Men & Mice Consulting can optimize your systems for you.