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DNS Server Infrastructure Support

Enterprise grade support for BIND

BIND, or Berkeley Internet Name Domain, is the first, oldest and most universally deployed DNS solution on the internet.

The Internet Systems Consortium (ISC) maintains BIND as a transparent open source DNS system. BIND runs and is supported on a variety of new and old operating systems, including most UNIX and LINUX variants, as well as some Windows platforms.

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Enterprise grade support for Unbound

Unbound is an open-source, secure and fast resolving/caching DNS Server, often used as a validating DNSSEC resolver to test DNSSEC data from authoritative servers and to secure client systems from forged DNS data.

Unbound is maintained as an open source project by NLNet Labs.

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DNS Server Infrastructure Contracts

Men & Mice currently only offers annual Elite Service Contracts for BIND and Unbound.

The Men & Mice Open Source Service Contract covers the following issues:

  • Installation, maintenance, updates, configuration, logging and troubleshooting
  • Generic DNS questions (DNS resolution, DNS tracing, debugging DNS anomalies)
  • DNSSEC (trust anchor repositories, DNSSEC validation, DNSSEC troubleshooting)

Men & Mice support covers open source server installations on

  • Unix systems (Linux, Solaris, xBSD, MacOS X)
  • Windows Server systems

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