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Technical Support

Your gateway to high-quality support for Men & Mice customers, plus access to various useful tools and resources

Men & Mice Documentation

Your one-click stop for all Men & Mice DDI Suite Guides and General Documentation.

DIG Online

Dig here to debug your DNS configuration.

Telephone Support

Telephone support is charged at $399 for the first 60 minutes. After the initial 60 minutes, each additional 15-minute period on the same call is charged at $100.

Men & Mice responds to orders for telephone support in one business day.

Telephone support is included free of charge for customers with a valid Professional Services contract (Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum).

E-mail Support

E-mail support is sold on an hourly basis and priced at $199 per hour.

Men & Mice responds to orders for email support in one business day.