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DNS & BIND Jump Start

DNS&BIND Jump Start is a new course, held completely online and designed to give a concise introduction into running a BIND 9 domain name server. The course covers all modern protocol features such as EDNS, DNSSEC, DNS-Cookies and much more.

Course syllabus

—  DNS basics (how the protocol works)

—  A quick look at DNSSEC

—  Querying DNS with 'dig'

—  DNS Clients, Resolvers, and Authoritative Servers

—  Building and maintaining a DNS Resolver

—  BIND 9 logging

—  DNS troubleshooting

—  Getting your own domain delegation

—  Setting up a DNS zone

—  Building resilience with secondary servers

—  Easy DNSSEC with BIND 9.16 "default-policy"

—  Completing the DNSSEC chain of trust

—  DNS server maintenance

—  Security best practices

—  DNS server monitoring


Participants for this course need to know how to operate the Unix command line (shell) and have Unix/Linux administration knowledge. Basic knowledge of Internet network protocols IPv6 and IPv4 is required.

Materials required

Participants are responsible for the equipment used to access the course. (Computer and internet connection.)

A computer with a physical keyboard is strongly recommended.


This is a DNS&BIND training, Men&Mice products are not included in the course. If product training is required, options are available.

Cost and duration

—  $1750

—  3 days