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(Course code: DNSB-W)

COURSE Description

DNS & BIND Week is our most popular course. In a single week, it combines DNS & BIND Fundamentals (DNSB-F) with DNS & BIND Advanced (DNSB-A), and comes at a discount of $150 off the price of the individual courses. Please see the descriptions of DNSB-F and DNSB-A for an overview and list of topics.

This course was previously called: Introduction & Advanced DNS and BIND Topics Hands-on

Prerequisites (recommended)

The labs require working on the command-line in a Linux shell. Without familiarity with basics such as cd, ls, cp, cat, and using a text editor, a participant will face difficulties. While shell experience is strongly recommended, advanced command-line skills are not needed. For the text editor, working with vi or emacs is not required, as a simple editor, nano, is also available. An understanding of IP addressing is helpful.

Material Requirements

A participant must bring a computer with an Ethernet port, with a keyboard, and with an SSH client. (PuTTY is an example of an SSH client for Windows). The laptop cannot be so extremely mis-configured that it will not get an IPv4 address with DHCP. Please note the Ethernet port requirement as some laptops require an adapter for Ethernet. A computer without a physical keyboard, for example a tablet, will be a significance hindrance, is not recommended, and will additionally fail to meet the Ethernet port requirement.

DNS & BIND Training

This is DNS & BIND training, Men & Mice products are not included in the course. If Men & Mice Suite training is required, options are available.

Cost / Duration / Course Book and Lab Guide

$4490 (USD)
Official ISC Training Material


Please read our cancellation policy, and then send us an email to register. We’ll send you a confirmation and further information.

About Men & Mice Training

Men & Mice is the exclusive training partner of the ISC, which develops the most widely used DNS software, BIND.